Best gym gloves 2024 for weightlifting and gym workouts

The best gym gloves will improve your grip and prevent blisters from forming when lifting heavy weights

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The best gym gloves – a.k.a. best weightlifting gloves – won't lift the weights for you, but they can be an excellent alternative to chalking your hands before lifts, which admittedly is a messier way to work out. Especially if you're working out at home and prefer not to have calluses and blisters all over your palms, you'd better invest in a pair of weightlifting gloves today – we listed the best options below.

How do you pick suitable gym gloves for you? Do they need to be fingerless or full-fingered gloves? We'll try to answer all your burning questions about weightlifting gloves and give you a list of the best gym gloves on the market.

Are you building a home gym? Have a look at T3's these guides for more info: best dumbbell, best barbell, best pull-up bar and best kettlebell. And what a surprise, wearing gym gloves would be handy using all these types of home gym equipment. The pun is very much intended. 

Best gym gloves to buy right now

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How to chose the best gym gloves for you?

Ideally, you would like sturdy gym gloves; no one wants their newly-purchased exercise gloves falling apart after one session. That said, you don't want them to be too stiff, so you can't bend your fingers. There are three main types of gym gloves that you can get: half-fingered, fully-fingered and hand grips. Half-fingered gym gloves are the most common on the gym floor. They cut off halfway down your fingers, so you still have good breathability. Fully-fingered gym gloves are probably what you’ll see the least and, as the name suggests, these are a full glove. They’re a good option for beginners or if you do workouts outside and are using unconventional equipment. Hand grips are more popular amongst CrossFitters. Technically, they’re not a glove, but they provide protection to your hands during high repetition movements, like deadlifts, muscle-ups, pull ups etc and can be removed quickly.


Why are gloves frowned upon in gym?

Hardcore bodybuilders will tell you not to wear gym gloves in the gym. In Arnold Schwarzenegger's words, "If you are gonna wear gloves when you lift, just make sure they match your purse." However, not everyone in the gym is a bodybuilder, and not everyone is fond of having calluses on their palms, no matter how cute that Instagram video is of the Rock's daughter trying to file them away.

Long story short, don't listen to the haters and wear gloves if you want to. For hardcore lifters, we recommend getting lifting straps/deadlifting straps for those heavy lifts. Using gloves for heavy lifting can compromise grip, so you're better off using straps or your bare hands covered in lifting chalk.

Why are the benefits of gym gloves?

Strength training with dumbbells and barbells can often lead to a build up of calluses and blisters on your hands, due to the rough knurling, but a pair of gym gloves can stop this from happening. They can also help with your grip too and make it easier to lift different bits of equipment. 

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