The best epilator 2018

The big question with epilators – are epilators painful or not?

Epilators are devices designed to pluck hairs from the skin, pulling them out from the roots. This makes them more efficient and less messy than waxing and long-term also works out to be cheaper too.

But epilators are still a device that pull hairs from the skin and one big selling point is whether the device in question can minimize the pain until the skin (and user) gets used to the feeling. 

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They’re not nearly as painful as waxing but they still cause discomfort and take some getting used to.

Another question – how versatile is the epilator? In other words, can it be used on wet skin and dry skin? What sort of settings does it have to cover sensitive areas like underarms and bikini lines?

And then there’s the most important question of all – is the epilator itself actually any good?

The top eplilators to buy today


The all-round epilator that performs well without costing you a fortune

Reasons to buy
+Excellent value for money+Does everything you need an epilator to  
Reasons to avoid
-Cheap packaging

Sminiker’s hair remover gets top billing here for the amount of features it manages to pack into its modest price. It has two speed settings, with ‘Soft’ minimising irritation while ‘Normal’ performs epilation in a shorter time. Sminiker’s Hair Remover also has waterproof design and even has a callus remover to get dry skin off your feet. It’s light too, so your arms won’t get tired using it. It doesn’t match the performance of more expensive epilators on the market but that’s not the point. For the price, you’re getting an epilator that does an excellent job without having to break the bank.  


The luxury option for those who want to zap those damn hairs immediately

Reasons to buy
+Quick, efficient, effective+Long time before hair regrows
Reasons to avoid
-It’s very expensive-Painful on sensitive areas

As you’d expect from the price-tag, the Silk Epil 9-961e Cordless Epilator is ruthlessly efficient. It sucks away hairs like a hoover, leaving your skin like a plucked chicken without a single loose strand anywhere. The speed with which this epilator operates means you can whizz over your skin and blast away hairs at an alarming rate. It almost becomes addictive. Alas, the price-tag doesn’t mean this epilator is a magic wand that will wave all pain away. It’s still painful when used in sensitive areas (not even those sensitive areas necessarily but areas like your underarms). Perhaps we’re still years away from the magical technology that will solve that problem but for everything else, this epilator feels like a technological marvel that you’ll love using.


If you need a portable epilator for travelling, this is your best choice

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for travel+Small and battery-operated
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal as a ‘main’ epilator-You have to be careful using it

Everything about Ma Devlins Travel Epilator has been designed around the fact that it needs to be portable. It’s small, it’s slim, and it’s light without compromising too much on its ability to pluck hairs from your body. It runs on batteries rather than mains and it can work for roughly an hour before the batteries drain and the travel epilator starts to slow down, so it lasts much longer than you might expect. 


The epilator that does everything from removing hairs to body massages

Reasons to buy
+Lots of cool extras+Lots of different speed and sensitivity settings
Reasons to avoid
-Not quite powerful enough-Expensive

Philips Satinelle Epilator is a toybox of hair removal. It comes with all sorts of extras that clip onto the device as well, such as an exfoliation brush, a body massager, and a ‘delicate area cap’. Opening the packaging will make you cry “they thought of everything!”, or at least you would if you were prone to loud outbursts whenever feeling faintly surprised by a product you’ve bought. Still, you’d expect Philips to go the extra mile because its BRE650/00 Epilator model is anything but cheap. For all the extras, it doesn’t quite have the muscle of other high-end epilators. Even so, other high-end epilators don’t have the variety the BRE650 does. A body massage after hair removal? Oh, go on then.


The easiest way to wax at home

Reasons to buy
+Very effective+Not as messy as ‘traditional’ waxing
Reasons to avoid
-Takes time to heat up-You’ll need to buy more wax strips and wax cartridges

Epilators aren’t just devices that pluck hairs from your skin like rapid-fire tweezers, even though that’s the form they usually take. This particularly epilator is a wax variant, which gives you “salon wax results at home and smooth skin for weeks”. It’s not instant in the same way traditional epilators are, because the wax takes roughly 20 minutes to heat up, but it’s quick and easy once you get going. The results are there to be seen after use and it makes waxing surprisingly easy. The main downside is unlike epilators that pluck your skin, you’ll need to buy further wax strips and cartridges once the ones supplied have run out.