The best Christmas decorations 2017 for a high-tech and super festive holiday season

Make sure Santa doesn't miss your abode with this year's selection of top Xmas decorations and lights

The time is almost upon us to attempt to untangle the hastily stored LED lights, dust off the glow in the dark plastic snowman, and make sure you one-up them over in number 43 who always have the biggest festive display. 

Perhaps you upped your lighting game last year and went for a nodding illuminated reindeer, which is a good start admittedly, however, now it is time to ramp things up to the equivalent of 11 both inside and out. 

We’ve gathered some of the best temporary additions to your abode for the festive season that’ll ensure Santa simply can’t miss your place as he passes over.

The best Xmas decorations 2017

1. JML Star Shower Window Wonderland

High quality imagery and a high-end effect

Reasons to buy
+Plug and play+Totally weather proof

With out too much faffing about you can transform your windows into animated seasonal displays that’ll captivate passing kids and grown-ups in equal measure.  This projector turns windows into high resolution displays, set up the projector and screen, select the built-in animation you want to play and sit outside with a small cap perhaps to gather the gratefully given small change.

2. Star Shower Slideshow

Bathe your abode with lights, no need for a single ladder

Reasons to buy
+Massive "wow" factor+Various image settings

About the most colourful way to add a huge seasonal sparkle with all the effort of opening a box and plugging in. Packed with the brightest and most colourful imagery (fully filled in, no outlines here) of the festive season, cover your outdoors with snowmen, presents, baubles, Christmas trees and such – You can of course bring it indoors and bather all your rooms in LED based cheer.

3. Inflatable Christmas characters

Far less freaky than the Stay Puft man

Reasons to buy
+Big and impactful+Decent value

Each one sizing up at an impressive five feet tall you’ll catch yourself giving a little grin when you catch one of these around the house. Inside are a half-a-dozen LED’s for that night-light effect when you stumble home after the office party and they’ll help you find your keys.

4. Star Shower laser magic

The best red and green snowflake display in the business

Reasons to buy
+Ultra-efficient on the energy front+Both moving and still imagery

Similar to the slideshow option above this laser magic number replaces a multitude of those bothersome hangy-up all over the place LED lights. Stick the stake in the ground (or in-house stand is available for extra) and marvel at how much space this bad boy can cover in festive cheer.

5. LED white blossom tree

Bright and beautiful

Reasons to buy
+Over 4,000 LED lights+Four metres high

Indoors (if you have a West wing) or out this can’t fail in getting attention for its stunning aesthetics. With a total of 4,224 flowers, each offering a mini-glow it could well put you on the local Xmas decoration tour should you stick it outside. A dusting of gold on the trunk adds to the effect and we wager you’ll be hanging out by its faux bark and ready to brag, whilst explaining to the kids that their present pile might not be quite so well padded this year.

6. Rockingham Christmas Tree

Pre-lit and ready decorated

Reasons to buy
+Plug and play+Built-in speaker

A Bluetooth speaker lets you emit all your most cheesy seasonal tunes from within its fake branches, and yes, really rock around your Christmas tree. There are 100 white LED’s and 35 colour changing bulbs for you to control with the supplied remote control. Sit down, sherry at the ready and you and your tree can have the ideal night in – Santa fancy dress optional.

7. Twinkly lights 105 LED starter set

Set your lights in action via your smartphone

Reasons to buy
+Create a multitude of light shows+Can add even more lights

Grab this 105 LED Twinkly starter set and set numerous displays in motion around your tree or when hung up around your home. Create your own displays too, they say the only limit is your imagination, we say grab the port and put this to the test.  You can also buy additional sets to add even more bulbs to the display.

8. Indoor snowflake projector

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Reasons to buy
+ The joy of snowflakes with none of the mess+ Decent low level room illumination

A simple enough piece of kit that’ll adorn your walls with oversized snowflakes, this festive flurry offers a decent enough illusion, a kind of festive lave lamp effect. No multi-coloured offering here just the hues favoured by snowmen across the globe.