Samsung Galaxy Camera unveiled at IFA 2012

Korean giant announces Android-based, internet-capable snapper

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Samsung Electronics has announced the Samsung Galaxy Camera at IFA 2012 - a web-connected digital compact camera designed for high-quality photography

According to Samsung, the two things we use our phones for the most are taking pictures and browsing the internet. Although phone cameras are remarkably powerful these days, there really is no alternative for having a bona fide digital camera in your hand when you're trying to capture that perfect picture.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Camera - a WiFi enabled digital compact that runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and spreads it across an enormous 4.8-inch, 308ppi HD Super Clear Touch Display. As for the power behind the OS, the Galaxy Cam has a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, which provides plenty of grunt to run Google's latest OS along with 'Photo Wizard' - Samsung's built in photo editing software.

Thankfully, the digital snapper also has 3G and 4G connectivity, so you can share your photos wherever you are, or back them up to Samsung's 'Allshare' cloud system.

Robert King, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung UK and Ireland, said: “In this new era of visual communication the Samsung’s Galaxy Camera marks a breakthrough in convergence technology, combining the leading edge design of our Galaxy mobile products with high performance photographic capability.”

Speaking of high performance photgraphic capability, the nitty gritty is that the Galaxy Cam has a 16.3MP super-bright sensor, alongside a 21x optical touch zoom lens and a 23mm aperture lens for wide-angle shots. Advanced photographers will have complete control over their shots, but Samsung's 'Smart Pro' technology means that professional-looking photography easy to achieve for even the most novice photographer.

Some of Samsung's smartphone features also make the grade, such as voice recognition for central photography controls like zooming and shooting, and the Smart Content Manager which lets you easily manage your files and folders, as well as tagging faces. It even suggests which pictures you should delete if they haven't come out right.

Available with either 3G or 4G capability, the Samsung Galaxy Camera should appear around October this year, though no pricing details have been released yet.

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