iPhone 5 features: panoramic camera mode detailed

iPhone 5 release to see panoramic photo mode added

iOS 5 features have revealed the iPhone 5 will support panoramic photo capture capabilities

Following reports that the iPhone 5 is to sport an 8-megapixel camera with panoramic shooting modes, updates to the latest iOS 5 beta code have revealed new aspects of Apple’s planned snapshot features.

Officially unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last month iOS 5 is expected to later this year alongside the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 handset with a section of code discovered shortly after the beta OS was made available to developers suggesting panoramic photo modes are to be one of the key new additions.

Whilst last month's code revealed users will be able to take, save and cancel panoramic shots, the section of code responsible for this photo-enhancing feature has since been extended with new sections revealing that users will need to pan their device from left to right, “tap the Camera button to begin” and “keep the arrow on the center line” to make use of the update.

Despite repeated rumour and comment claiming that Apple will launch the next-generation iPhone in September a new report released earlier today has suggested that the iPhone 5 release date will actually be on August 16th.

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Via: 9to5Mac