13 best budget gifts for Christmas: top gifts under £50!

Great sub-£50 gadgets and gizmos that make perfect presents

Any of your family and friends would be delighted to have one of these great gifts dropping into their stocking on Christmas night - and they won’t cost the earth.

BOP IT! Star Wars R2-D2 Edition game

The Stars Wars edition of Bop It! game adds a cool, intergalactic twist to this quick-fire game. Featuring the real sound of R2-D2 and the voice of C-3PO, it's a must for little and big Star Wars fans alike.

Price: £19.99

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The perfect gift for musos with epic sound systems, Gramofon turns your existing hifi into a WiFi music player. It can stream Spotify, Napster, TuneIn, and there’s more to come.

Price: €59 (Approx £44)

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Xiaomi Mi Band

The cheapest fitness band around, this funky wearable tracks your every move, thanks to its military-grade sensor, and has a 30-day battery life on a full charge. Available in five colours, the Mi Band sets you daily exercise targets and even offers feedback on your sleep habits.

Price: 13.99

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Radio Controlled Mini Cooper

The perfect gift for Mini Cooper fans, radio-control fans, and fans of scaring household pets, this RC Mini Cooper has illuminating lights and all the speed you need for carpet fun.

Price: £20

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á¿¢utensil Stirr

This battery-operated kitchen gadget is an automatic stirrer, meaning you can pop it in your pan, switch it on and leave it to gently stir your soup, sauce, custard or other gloopy dish while you potter elsewhere. We also love á¿¢utensil's rotating potato masher, the Spudnik (£7.99)!

Price: 16.99

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Rollei ePano Selfie

We haven’t quite reached peak selfie yet, as demonstrated by the Rollei ePano – a 360-degree rotatable selfie stick that can obtain panoramic selfies thanks to its remote control and 5-metre range.

Price: €55 (Approx £41)

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Build Your Own App Controlled Car

Can’t decide whether to buy your nephew Lego or an RC car? Now you don’t have to! This self-assembly, app-controlled RC car is made of Lego-style blocks so if you crash it you can just build it up again.

Price: £40

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Gear4 Espresso Portable Speaker

It’s a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a coffee cup, is there anything else you need to know before buying it for someone? It lasts 4hrs between charges, and… look - it’s a speaker cup!

Price: £20

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Bar10der Cocktail Swiss Army Knife

The Bar10der (see what they did?) is the ideal gadget for cocktail lovers. The 10-in-1 tool contains a muddler, knife, reamer, stirrer, channel knife, strainer, jigger, corkscrew, zester, and bottle opener.

Price: £29.99

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Chromecast Audio

A teeny device that plugs into the back of your normal speakers, Google's new hockey-puck shaped gadget enables you to stream music over Wi-Fi and play it through your existing speaker set-up. Works with iPhones, iPads. ,Macs, Windows laptops and more.

Price: £30

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Booq 12-inch Taipan Spacesuit MacBook Sleeve

Booq’s technical-looking Macbook sleeve is modelled on a spacesuit, and is just the ticket for any Mac-toting science geeks. Its honeycomb structure and soft interior protects and looks great too.

Price: £35

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Turtle Bay Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset


Star Wars merch mania marches on with this official gaming headset, featuring a design inspired by the Starfighter Pilots of the Rebel Alliance. Lightweight yet robust, Turtle Bay's gaming headset will see you through many a level on Star Wars Battlefront – or any other games you're powering through. Full-range audio is delivered through 40mm Neodymium speakers, and a high-sensitivity boom mic means you can easily call in reinforcements.

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PNY PowerBank HD5000


A practical gift for those of you who regularly forget to charge your phone or tablet, when fully juiced this sleek, portable 500mAh battery will charge your Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device up to three times. The bright LED display will inform you of how much power is left, and a USB port enables you to connect the PowerBank to your computer to re-charge it. Keep it in your bag and never suffer the agony of a dead phone again.

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