Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: stable, inflatable SUP for families, beginners and bigger paddlers

Sensibly priced and nicely packaged together, the 10’ 10” Entradia SUP starter pack is a great first-board choice

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review
(Image credit: Pat Kinsella)
T3 Verdict

If you're looking for a larger, more stable board that's affordable, robust, reliable and has a package of good gear, then Two Bare Feet's Entradia 10' 10" SUP starter pack is brilliant. The board is super buoyant, with plenty of surface area if you want to take a little passenger for a paddle, and the starter pack kit is all decent.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent buoyancy and stability

  • +

    Good for beginners and bigger paddlers

  • +

    Comes with a decent accessory kit

  • +

    Ideal for SUP yoga

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Less manoeuvrability than smaller boards

  • -

    Not brilliant on waves

  • -

    Detachable fin can be lost

  • -

    Starter kit paddle is a bit basic

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The Two Bare Feet Entradia 10’ 10” SUP is one of the best SUP boards for beginners on the market, but it’s more than that too. It’s tons of fun even for more experienced paddlers, especially if you have small family members that want to get on board. The kit is really nicely put together too, and the price point is very reasonable, with the starting pack (board, pump, paddle, bag and repair kit) available for an RRP of £590 (approx. $750/ AU$ 1,129). So read on to find out why we think Two Bare Feet’s Entradia range features some of the very best inflatable SUP Boards out there.

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: specs

  • Length: 330cm / 10ft 10in
  • Weight: 9.9kg / 22lb
  • Max carry weight: 210kg / 460lbs
  • Colours available: Aqua / Blue / Red / Pink
  • Inflatable: Yes
  • Accessories included: Yes (various packages available)

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10 10 SUP

The Two Bare Feet Entradia 10' 10" is stable in choppier water

(Image credit: Alice Kinsella)

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: design and features

Two Bare Feet’s Entradia range of inflatable SUPs are available in various sizes, from the little 8’ 6” to the behemoth 11’ 6”, via the very popular 10’ 6” board, but I’ve been testing out the 10’ 10” board, which is recommended for larger paddlers, people looking for extra stability and families.

The Entradia 10’ 10” is a long board – the extra few inches you get here from the more standard 10ft 6in boards makes a surprising difference – but the excellent buoyancy of these boards comes from more than the length. The width (34in/86cm) is exactly the same as the 10’ 6” SUPs, but the 6in (15cm) thickness of the 10’ 10” board is 1¼ in/3cm bigger, and this is where the extra stability really comes from.

Aside from the dimensions, the Entradia boards share the same features across the range. All the boards are constructed from ultra-lightweight DWF Double Wall PVC, and feature a single high-density air chamber.

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10 10 SUP

(Image credit: Pat Kinsella)

Each board has two small (2.5in/6cm) sidebite fins, fixed permanently to the stern of the board, and a large (9in/23cm) central fin that needs to be added after inflation. It’s easy to install, and clips securely into place so it won’t fall off in the water, but care does need to be taken when you de-assemble the board, not to leave this fin on the beach (it’s best to chuck it immediately in the bag).

The board has a centrally located carry handle for solo carrying, and two more carry handles, one on each end, for a two-person carry. There’s a large textured area (made from EVA padding with a 5mm grip pattern) that stretches about two-thirds the length of the board, from the valve at the stern to just beyond the central carry handle, which is the standing and kneeling zone, offering more grip than the smoother surface elsewhere.

 Depending on your preferred position on the board, you can loop the ankle leash through one of the carry handles or the tail-mounted leash attachment. There are also several D-rings for attaching things, plus a towing ring underneath the nose. And on the front of the board you have a bungee storage area for stashing water bottles, snorkelling gear, a dry bag with some supplies in it, or a perhaps a cag in case you get cold.

The starter kit also comes with a standard aluminium 3-piece SUP paddle, which weighs 1080g and is easy to adjust to your preferred length, with a range of 162 - 210cm (64–83in). This paddle, which has an RRP of £39.99 when sold separately, is perfectly usable and decent for beginner paddlers, but it’s not quite the quality of the paddle that comes standard with Red Paddle boards. Two Bare Feet also sell better-quality bamboo and fibreglass paddles separately.

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10 10 SUP

(Image credit: Alice Kinsella)

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: transporting and carrying

Also included with the starter kit is a 90-litre backpack styled like a giant drybag, with a fold-down top. This takes the board – uninflated, obviously – and pump, with just about enough room left over for a PFD (life jacket) and a few other bits and pieces. On the outside of the pack there’s a pouch for the paddle blade and a couple of Velcro hoops for holding the paddle shaft (split into two).

 This backpack is tough and robust, and everything you need to get on the water fits inside it. I found the harness to be reasonably comfortable on my shoulders, and it’s easily adjustable, however it’s nowhere near as comprehensive or comfy as the excellent Red Paddle backpack. It’s essentially a sack, with no rear panel, and so the rolled-up board feels lumpy against your back. It’s absolutely fine for fairly short walk-ins, but you wouldn’t want to hike for miles while wearing it.

 In terms of storage and vehicle transportation, it keeps everything together, neat and tidy, which is exactly what you need.

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10 10 SUP

(Image credit: Pat Kinsella)

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: inflation and assembly 

The Entradia boards all have excellent, reliable valves. The starter kit comes with a single-chamber high-pressure SUP pump, with dual-action function, which isn’t quite as good as the double-chamber pump you get with Red Paddle boards, but you can still inflate the 10’ 10” to the recommended 15psi in a matter of minutes. Deflation at the end of the paddle is similarly easy – just pop the valve open and let the air escape.

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10 10

(Image credit: Alice Kinsella)

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: on the water 

I have been testing the Two Bare Feet Entradia 10’ 10” for several months on the South Devon Coast, and on several rivers in the region. Right from the first paddle it has been a really good fun board to play around on, absolutely perfect for larger framed people (I’m 186cm, and around 185kg).

Although my natural balance isn’t brilliant, I have been paddling SUPs for several years now and I’m very comfortable on shorter and lower-volume boards than the 10’ 10” in good conditions, however where I found the larger Entradia to be brilliant was in choppy conditions. It’s not fantastic in actual surf, but when the water is wavy and messy, the big-volume Entradia is excellent.

The Entradia 10’ 10” is also fantastic fun for messing around on with the family. I have been taking my youngest daughter out on various adventures around the coast, exploring hidden caves and secret beaches accessible only by water, and the larger board can cope easily with our combined weight. She sits, kneels or stands on the front, and I position myself further towards the back of the board than I would when paddling solo. She can also lie on board and use a snorkelling mask to spot fish and watch the submarine world rush past.

This isn’t really my area of expertise, but the Entradia 10’ 10” is also perfectly proportioned and has the ideal degree of buoyancy and stability for SUP yoga if that’s your thing.

In terms of solo paddling, it’s not the fastest board on the water, but I never expected it to be. The large removable fin means it tracks nicely in the water when you’re going in a straight line, and the stern doesn’t get blown around too much by the wind, but the turning circle is pretty large, and it’s not particularly manoeuvrable.

While the Entradia 10’ 10” is excellent for beginners, once you’ve found your feet and become more comfortable at SUPing, you might find yourself yearning for a slightly smaller, more nifty board – at least when conditions are glassy – but I don’t think you will regret having a 10’ 10” to get out on when the water is a bit lumpier. 

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10 10

(Image credit: Alice Kinsella)

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: verdict

Having tried multiple boards of varying sizes, I think the Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" is one of the best larger-volume SUPs on the market at the moment, especially for people with kids. It’s nicely designed, well made and has proved good and durable over the course of a long, hot season, during which my whole family has dragged it around on various surfaces, forgotten about the long fin when approaching the shallows and generally treated it quite roughly.

As a 6ft-plus bloke, I find it an ideal option for paddling solo in lumpy conditions, when the extra stability and buoyancy has saved my blushes on numerous occasions. And when I am out on the water with the kids on board, it’s big and buoyant enough for them to stand, kneel, sit or lie at the front while I position myself slightly further back.

 The accessories are totally adequate, if not outstanding, and you can always upgrade the paddle (which is the main thing I would like to see improved) at a later date. For the price, this is an excellent board, and the starter kit is great value.

Two Bare Feet Entradia 10'10" Stand-up Paddle Board review: also consider

Taller and heavier paddlers can look at other large boards, such as the 11ft Wave Woody SUP, which has a really classy look. Once you’ve found your feet and you start to feel more comfortable on a SUP, you might be ready to move on to a slightly smaller and faster board with less volume, such as the Two Bare Feet Entradia 10’ 6”, which has an identical design to the 10’ 10” and is also extremely reasonably priced. Other 10’ 6” options include the Surfstar 10’6" Advance Star. If your budget can stretch a bit further, check out the Red Paddle Co Ride MSL, a brilliant beginner-friendly board with top-quality accessories.

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