PMD Clean review: best silicone cleansing brush under £100

The PMD Clean facial cleansing brush is great for all skin types and your wallet

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PMD Clean
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Well-designed, easy to clean, and won’t bankrupt you. The PMD Clean silicone cleansing brush is an impressive addition to your routine with an enjoyable massage function too. As long as you don’t mind switching out the batteries, this is an impressive little device.

Reasons to buy
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    Great for all skin types

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    Easy to clean

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    Great price

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Reasons to avoid
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    AA battery

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    Doesn’t time out

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Writing a PMD Clean review doesn’t just mean assessing a facial cleansing brush, it also means carefully judging at which point in the introduction to mention that it really looks like something you’d find on T3’s list of the best sex toys. So now that’s out of the way, we can tell you why it’s on our best facial cleansing brush list instead. Although it’s worth noting that this silicone cleansing brush does have four settings of varying intensity so each to their own and there’s no judging here. 

The facial cleansing brush market is packed with all manner of colourful devices, each claiming to rid your face of spots and crank back the wheels of time. Truthfully, in our experience, there’s no magic wand, just the right combination of products to keep your skin happy, but it’s brilliant to find a device that’s suitable for all skin types and won’t break the bank. 

Many of the popular facial cleansing brushes cost three figures but the PMD Clean model is firmly in the affordable territory, leaving more features to more expensive models. But there’s plenty to like here. Let’s break it down in this PMD Clean review.      

PMD Clean

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PMD Clean review: Price

First off, the good news. Unlike so many of the products from direct competitor Foreo like the app-connected Foreo Luna 3, the PMD Clean is under £100 at an RRP of £89. 

It might leave a rechargeable battery and a warming massager to its more expensive sibling, the PMD Clean Pro, but the PMD Clean is still made of antibacterial silicone. This is a big plus point at this price. 

Cheaper options tend to use bristles which mean replaceable heads and less suitability for sensitive skin if they insist on spinning like a dental tool. Instead, the PMD Clean is easy to wash once you’ve cleansed and comes in an impressive eleven different colours so you’ll definitely find a shade to fit in with your bathroom decor. 

PMD Clean

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PMD Clean review: Design & features 

Design-wise that, the PMD Clean benefits from a simple silhouette. The rounded brush head has a combination of thick and thin silicone nodules and the smooth silicone handle is comfortable to hold with a button on the front that can be easily pressed with your thumb to cycle through the settings. 

Unlike a lot of the rechargeable competition, the PMD Clean uses a single AA battery which comes in the box. This is inserted via an easily unscrewable cap at the bottom. This fits snugly back on with a waterproof seal so you don’t have to worry about it frying in the shower. There’s also a handy stand that looks like it defies physics but will happily prop up the device on a bathroom shelf. 

On one side of the brush are silicone bristles while on the other are three ridges to use as a massaging tool for serums and moisturisers. The four different settings are a basic vibration, a more intense consistent mode, and two massaging modes with intermittent buzzing. 

It’s perhaps nitpicking here but lots of competitors have an auto-off function after a minute or two minutes but you will need to actively turn the PMD Clean off when you’ve finished cleansing.     

PMD Clean

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PMD Clean review: Use 

In action, the PMD Clean is a great cleansing brush. All you need to do is wet your face, add cleanser to the brush and get it going. The silicone doesn’t feel harsh even at higher settings and it left even sensitive skin feeling alert but not too exfoliated. 

It’s also remarkably easy to clean, especially if you have left foundation on at the end of the day which will clog up or stain white bristle brushes. Even after under a week of using the PMD Clean twice a day for both cleansing and massaging, my skin looks bright, and serum and moisturiser are being absorbed better than usual. 

It’s also nice to take the time for a quick face massage at the end of the day. Even a minute of using the PMD Clean's massage option is a pleasant part of your routine instead of just applying moisturiser by hand. You’ll just need some batteries to keep it topped up so will probably want to go green with the best rechargeable batteries.        

PMD Clean review: Verdict  

As long as you don’t mind changing the battery and remembering to keep to your two-minute timeframe, the PMD Clean makes a great addition to your bathroom shelf. It feels great to use with its four modes and it’s brilliantly easy to clean and you can genuinely feel the difference in only a few days. Add in the choice of colours and stylish stand and this is no mere Foreo Luna 3 clone.  

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