Lovehoney x Womanizer Couples Advent Calendar review: open doors to your desires

It’s Merry Kinkmas from Lovehoney as it releases its seasonal couples’ calendar for 2023

Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar review
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T3 Verdict

The scores behind the doors are high with Lovehoney’s advent calendars for 2023. The couples’ 24-day Lovehoney x Womanizer calendar has the highest value at £425, yet only costs £135. Clearly this is great value, particularly if a clitoral stimulator is on your Santa's wish list. It’s a fun and varied selection albeit with several disappointing gifts in the softer offering of toys. However, this is a great starter box for beginners with all the must-haves to launch a journey of sexual exploration. If you already own a decent toy collection, there will be few useful additions but it’s still lots of fun to open the doors daily.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    A good selection of toys

  • +

    High-value hero prize

  • +

    A fun way to spend December

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A handful of disappointing gifts

  • -

    Large and bulky box

  • -

    Redundant for those with an existing sex toy collection

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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a sex toy. If you're thinking of buying this year’s Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar, you'll be treated to not one but 24 sex toys and play aids to keep you and your partner busy in the lead up to Christmas.

I decided to give the Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar a try, and this is what I discovered behind each door...

Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar review: price

Each year, Lovehoney releases a festive calendar. In 2023, we've been treated to three and the most expensive is this 24-day couples’ calendar at £135. The Lovehoney Rose 12 Days of Play is priced at £90 and the Lovehoney Romance 12-day calendar also costs £90.

On paper, the Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar certainly looks like it has the most bang for your buck. The value of the total contents notches up to £425, with the hero toy worth £119 alone.

Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar review: design

As you might expect for a box loaded with sex toys and play aids, this calendar carries some heft. The box is substantial in size as well as in weight, but it feels secure, and snaps shut with satisfying stability thanks to corner magnets. It’s decorated in Lovehoney’s brand shade of purple with silver doors and numbers. It looks like a treat before you even open the first door.

There’s been some clever workarounds to fit in an array of bigger toys, such as massagers, dildos and USB chargeable devices. There are some smart solutions here as the doors are all regular in shape with no clue as to what lies behind them, keeping excitement piqued.

Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar review: performance

It’s a quandary to review an advent calendar with 24 surprise toys without being an utter spoil sport. So, here goes to keeping most of what’s behind these doors a glorious secret.

Lovehoney has created a pick and mix of toys for all genders. There are devices to stimulate the vulva, penis, nipples and anus, alongside playthings for those who are interested in taking steps into bondage. It’s a well-selected balance. Another neat move from Lovehoney is that the toy behind door number 1 can be used on six of the other treats nestled inside this box. Alongside toys, there's a selection of softer play aids. If you like to indulge in games or fill your space with erotic aromas, then there are offerings to enjoy here. 

Spoiler alert! The bounty behind door 24 is a Womanizer Classic 2. To be fair, the Lovehoney x Womanizer moniker is something of a giveaway. It’s a great prize as the Classic 2 is a perennially popular choice of clitoral stimulator and generally considered to be one of the best you can buy.

Lovehoney x Womanizer couples advent calendar

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Lovehoney x Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar review: verdict

The annual Lovehoney calendar is always lots of fun. If you can manage to resist the temptation to peak behind all the doors in one go, then a daily dose of pleasure is yours for the taking. The variety within Lovehoney’s premium calendar is good and with a Womanizer Classic 2 as the hero gift it’s great value too.

There are lots of treats here with two other USB rechargeable toys worth £34.99 and £24.99, plus a host of goodies that will undoubtedly encourage fun and experimentation between couples. There are also several disappointing days. Some of the gifts are a little lackluster in quality, while a selection of the softer play aids feel a little cursory. While it’s certainly not a big win behind every door, the majority of gifts in this tantalising calendar will be a pleasing addition to any beginner’s sex-toy collection.

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