LELO Enigma Wave review: LELO ends 2023 with the promise of a blended orgasm

Featuring both a clitoral and a G-spot stimulator, LELO’s Enigma Wave multi-tasks with aplomb

LELO Enigma Wave review
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LELO is never short of ambition. With the Enigma and Enigma Cruise, it had already designed a toy that stimulates both the external and internal clitoris as well as the G-Spot. Now it has added WaveMotion into the mix with the new LELO Enigma Wace. With this addition, the Enigma Wave promises even more internal stimulation and the results are intense.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Top-quality material and design

  • +

    Multiple stimulated zones

  • +

    Easy to operate

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Takes time to find the correct position

  • -

    Not sized for travel

  • -

    Close to previous iterations of the Enigma

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This year saw the 20th anniversary of LELO who says, “it’s not just a sex toy brand; it's a self-care movement”. LELO has certainly changed the sex toy market for the better in the past two decades with quality toys designed for every gender, plus products specifically designed for the queer market.

For those of you new to LELO toys, you'll be happy to learn they are aesthetically beautiful enough to display on your sideboard. The brand also prides itself on developing products based on years of research and development. Rest assured, you will not find poorly made, quick-fix sexual aids in this camp. As expected, this approach brings with it a premium price tag. The Enigma Wave is no different as it rings in at £229.

The LELO Enigma Wave is the third iteration in the Enigma stable, preceded by the Enigma (£189) and Enigma Cruise (£199). The trio share the same basic design and purpose. As a dual-action vibrator, the Enigma threesome stimulate both the exterior and interior clitoris using SenSonic technology, while simultaneously massaging the G-spot to entice a blended orgasm. What is new here is that the Enigma Wave also boasts LELO’s patented WaveMotion technology. This feature sits within the internal vibrator to create a wave-like action to gently tease and caress.

Is this addition worth the extra cost? Read on to discover what I thought about the Enigma Wave…

LELO Enigma Wave review: design and features

This sex toy is quintessential LELO in appearance. It looks like a piece of modern art with its smooth contours and undulating flow. As with all LELO products, it’s made from high-grade silicone that is wonderfully soft to the touch. I was sent the Cyber Purple version of the Enigma Wave, and it also comes in black. The device features an internal vibrator at one end and a larger, ergonomically designed handle at the other, which is flanked with an iridescent panel. At the back of this handle sits the clitoral stimulator.

LELO has not held back with the technology. There are no less than three (incredibly quiet) motors in this toy that has been designed for “triple pleasure”. The first motor powers the clitoral stimulator, the second and third sit within the internal arm. The clitoral stimulator generates gentle wave-like pulses, that suck rather than touch. The internal arm acts like a finger sweeping and tantalising with its WaveMotion action. The third motor, positioned at the head of the arm, vibrates to arouse.

There are eight settings with options to speed up or down. The three operative buttons are positioned beneath the clitoral stimulator with ‘settings’ at the centre, flanked by + and  – buttons, which allow you to move through the speeds. The Enigma Wave is both rechargeable and waterproof.

LELO Enigma Wave review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

LELO Enigma Wave review: does it work?

LELO designed the Enigma Wave as a dual-action stimulator that aims to evoke both a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm simultaneously. Of course, human sexuality is not straightforward. You can’t press a button and expect a predicted result. It’s best to see this claim as an ambition, rather than guarantee. Expectations matter, particularly when it comes to realistic sexual outcomes.

With that in mind, how does the Enigma Wave feel? It has been well designed and is comfortable to hold and insert although, as always, ensure that the internal arm has been well covered in the best lube first. The handle fits perfectly into your palm making the operational buttons easy to access and it’s a dream to toggle through the settings. 

Every vagina is shaped differently so I expected some navigation. However, it took longer than initially expected to get the position of both the arm and the clitoral stimulator to sit in the correct place. There’s plenty of flexibility with this toy, so this is largely a case of patience. For this reason, I would recommend not hitting ‘go’ until you have inserted the Wave and found that sweet spot first.

LELO Enigma Wave review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

The USP of the Enigma Wave is the wave-like action of the internal arm. WaveMotion features in several LELO toys, including a personal favourite, the LELO Soraya Wave. The action is a deeply pleasing internal sensation that feels akin to being brushed or stroked. This toy offers variations of the motion to play around with. If it’s not for you then there is also a setting that renders the arm remains motionless, albeit with vibrations.

The third motor in the Enigma Wave emits vibrations in the head of the internal arm. While these vibrations are deep, they are never harsh, jarring or uncomfortable and can be increased or decreased in intensity down to as soft and gentle as a purr.

The combination of WaveMotion action and rumbling vibration is undoubtedly a heady mix. Add in clitoral arousal to this whirlwind of sensation and it’s fair to say that if intensity is what you’re looking for, then this is the toy for you.

LELO Enigma Wave review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

LELO Enigma Wave review: verdict

Like all LELO toys, the LELO Enigma Wave is a well-considered device. It’s easy to operate, comfortable to hold and it looks beautiful. It’s ambitious too. A blended orgasm is something of a holy grail for many vulva owners. Whether you achieve it or not with this toy you will enjoy the journey there regardless. The consideration of stimulating the clitoris both externally and internally while arousing the G-Spot is one that will have taken plenty of research, and for that this reviewer is thankful. 

For those who already have an Enigma or Enigma Cruise in their toy box, it’s a questionable upgrade. However, if you're a fan of LELO’s WaveMotion technology and you don’t yet own an Enigma, this is a very worthy purchase.

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