LELO Dot review: new tech that's optimised for multiple orgasms

The clitoris gets all the attention with the LELO Dot, an innovative vibrator that dances in the figure of 8

LELO Dot review
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LELO is the go-to brand for quality, as its sex toys are unmatched when it comes to smart design, good looks and a progressive approach to tech. The LELO Dot clitoral vibrator is no exception, promising ‘infinite pleasure’ with a super narrow tip for pinpoint precision. It features LELO’s new Infinite Loop technology which allows for multiple orgasms. That’s not a guarantee but you’ll certainly enjoy rapid results with this power-packed toy that’s a fast worker and a must-buy for users who like super-focused stimulation.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Powerful vibrations

  • +

    Ergonomic design

  • +

    High quality materials

  • +

    Infinite Loop technology

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A little noisy

  • -

    Pricey for a niche toy

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In this LELO Dot review, our tester gave this new clitoral vibrator a go to see if the new technology from the popular brand, LELO, lived up to its reputation as delivering multiple orgasms. Could it top our list for the best vibrator? Let's find out...

Swedish sexual wellness company LELO has a well-established reputation as a luxury brand that produces the best sex toys that are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to use. This USP of refined aesthetics and ergonomic design is further bolstered by a progressive outlook when it comes to tech. Its debut product, Lily, transformed the sex toy market with its unique design while the WaveMotion technology in the LELO Soraya Wave left traditional rabbit vibrators in its wake.

The LELO Dot is no less forward-thinking. Aside from its unique bendable tip, it introduces LELO’s new Infinite Loop technology, which means the tip moves in an elliptical motion, rather than the circular movement more commonly seen in clitoral vibrators. This, says LELO, reduces numbness and primes the user to experience multiple orgasms. While you may think this is a bold claim, hold back as this is not so much a promise… but more of a potential outcome.

LELO Dot review: Design & features 

Stylish design is paramount with LELO products and the Dot’s gentle curved lines define its teardrop shape tapering down into a very narrow, bendable tip; a chrome handle sits in the centre of the bulbous end. As you might expect, it’s made with high-grade, body safe silicone, which feels exceptionally smooth to the touch.

The big news about the Dot is its Infinite Loop technology. The fine top of the Dot is designed to move in the figure of eight to ensure that the area around the clitoris doesn’t get ‘numbed’ by vibrations, something that vulva owners report can prevent multiple orgasms.

The DOT is USB rechargeable and fully boosted after two hours for two hours of usage. There are three operational buttons that sit on the underside of the bulbous end. The central ‘on’ button also guides you through the settings and is flanked by + and – buttons. To turn the device off, simply press + and – at the same time.

There are eight settings, from a rumble and a buzz to a choice of pulsing options, some of which hilariously sound more like the soundtrack to a 1980s arcade game than a sex-toy setting. I prefer the less-is-more approach when it comes to settings and eight is wonderfully manageable.

LELO Dot review: How does it perform?

Once charged up and turned on, I had a play running through the options before use and I was somewhat taken aback by the volume. Thankfully, this is dulled down when the Dot makes contact with skin, but nevertheless, it’s something to note if discretion is paramount.

A feature that immediately raised an impressed eyebrow was the strength of the vibrations. This is a power-packed pocket rocket that’s raring to go and as such it’s important that plenty of the best lube is used both on the tip of the toy as well as the clitoris (or whichever area you intend to stimulate) to avoid any possible friction.

On contact the vibrations are intensified further by the pinpoint tip, which provides unrivalled precision. Crucially, the tip is bendable so you can moderate the strength of the vibrations by angling it into a position that suits you best. In addition, the bottom third of the toy also vibrates, so you can lie the whole section flat against the clitoris if using the pinpoint tip proves to be too intense.

The Infinite Loop technology and its elliptical movement is, as LELO promises, a revolution in clitoral vibration as it manages to provide super-focused attention without desensitising the clitoral area. In this regard, the LELO Dot fulfils its promise of setting the scene for orgasms on repeat. This doesn’t guarantee you will, of course, as such an eventuality is dependent on multiple factors, but it certainly lays the foundation for its potential.

LELO Dot review

(Image credit: LELO)

LELO Dot review: Verdict

On full charge, the LELO Dot gives the option of two hours usage and I raise my hat to anyone with the stamina for a long session with this super-boosted toy. The LELO Dot packs power and results are rapid. While the vibrations produced by the pinpoint tip are undoubtedly intense, the elliptical movement tempers the effect so it doesn’t become uncomfortable, and this is definitely a toy that can be used more than once in a single session. The quality of the silicone and the wonderfully ergonomic design also make this a toy that’s easy to use and comfortable to hold, while the buttons are nicely responsive.

As with all LELO toys, its quality can’t be faulted and it certainly performs its function superbly. While its pinpoint design makes the Dot a little niche, if you know that you enjoy en pointe clitoral stimulation, then it will provide plenty of pleasure and is a worthy investment. Available in multiple colours, the LELO Dot starts at around £111.99 at Lovehoney.

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