Fleshlight Ice Lady review: a warm reception from a pretty hot design

Does see-through equal sexy? We review the Fleshlight Ice Lady

Fleshlight Ice Lady
(Image credit: Alex Cox / T3)
T3 Verdict

The Fleshlight Ice Lady is clearly a pretty decent toy. We can't say it's for absolutely everyone, as you'll need a stiff constitution and slightly above-average length to get the most out of it, but there's plenty of fun to be had here – particularly if you're playing with a partner.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    See-through is sexy

  • +

    Soft, pliant SuperSkin

  • +

    Good suction

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Tightens at an odd spot

  • -

    Scratchy caps

  • -

    Enormous and not discreet looking

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What if a traditional Fleshlight was given Predator-style cloaking technology? We don't think that was the thought process behind the Fleshlight Ice Lady, as much as it might look like it. And it's not exactly the outcome either, given that this is huge and very obvious. But a stroker that you can see through is an interesting idea.

The real question is whether Fleshlight has actually pulled off the critical combo of a toy which both looks good and feels great. Is the Ice Lady up there with the brand's best Fleshlight designs? Let's check it out and see if this oversized, transparent toy is worthy of consideration amongst the rest of today's best sex toys for men. Read on for our full Fleshlight Ice Lady review.

Fleshlight Ice Lady review: design

The Ice Lady is a visual toy. While it's not the only Fleshlight stroker to carry the company's crystal SuperSkin material (the black-cased Flight Pilot has it for aesthetic effect, for example) it's probably the one which makes the biggest noise about it, tying in a clear case too. This means you (or your partner) can see exactly what's going on. Bear in mind that anything you touch tends to pick up fingerprints and lose its luster, so you'll want to clean all of the surfaces often.

Fleshlight Ice Lady specs

Size: canal diameter 0.75", internal length 9"
Waterproof: yes (submersible)
Main material:
soft plastic
Power: N/A

Clarity is, we'd vouch, a rather good thing. Not just for the psychological advantage of seeing things in other things, but because it means you know exactly which of the gauntlet of textures you're working on at each depth and can pick and choose. That's not something an opaque toy can manage, and neither does a non-transparent stroker prove quite so complementary to one's own diameter. Thanks, refraction.

The clear case isn't all roses, though, as its tolerances seem to be pretty tight. Removing the lid (or, worse, the end cap) is a tricky plastic-grinding experience, and reseating either cap is even more difficult. That clear inner gets grungy pretty quickly, too, so this is a toy you'll want to keep clean even without prompting to do so, which is probably a good thing (here's exactly how to clean a Fleshlight, if you're not sure).

The Ice Lady is also one of Fleshlight's least discrete toys. Short of packing it with flashing LEDs, attaching a speaker and automatically calling your mum we can't think of many ways it could be more obvious. It's absolutely massive, the opening is distressingly anatomical and detailed, the transparent materials glisten and catch the eye, and there's no passing this off as something else.

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Does the Fleshlight Ice Lady really work?

Before we get too into the nitty-gritty yes, this works, it generally feels great. That's both in terms of the inside and outside, once you've added plenty of lube (our best lube guide has recommendations). Here comes the but, though. Fleshlight has done something with the internal design of this that, at least to us, doesn't quite work.

Let us take you on a tour: you go past the worryingly realistic entrance, through a little stippled chamber, into a nice textured passage, and into another chamber. All well and good, until you then hit an incredibly narrow ribbed bit. 'Hit' being the operative word here, because you can be as lubed up as you'd like and you'll still end up smacking into it. We found this pretty uncomfortable, as you can imagine; whether you're able to break through is going to depend on your size (in both dimensions) and, well, your firmness.

Don't think this means that the Ice Lady's material is in any way hard. Although it can be a little sticky, it does feel skin-like and supple. It's just that this particular design didn't jibe well with us, particularly after it had worked up a good vacuum.

Fleshlight Ice Lady review: alternatives to consider

Fleshlight's range includes a vast array of different inner textures, realistically moulded outers and more opaque cases – if it's the feel you're after, rather than the looks, we'd suggest trying something else in the line. Take a look at the cutout pics on the product page; if it looks like it'll be incompatible with your needs, as it were, there's a good chance it will be.

Clear Superskin is also present in the Flight Pilot (though it's surrounded by a black, not clear case). This is more for aesthetics than any practical reason, as while its natural lensing does help enhance the small bits you can see, the rest is shrouded in mystery. We got on better with that toy, as you can read about in our Fleshlight Flight Pilot review.

Fleshlight does other clear toys, too: the Go Torque is genderless and quite similar to the Ice Lady, and the Quickshot Vantage offers an open-ended experience. Both are good for use with partners. If you're not fussed about being able to see through your toy, check out our Arcwave Voy stroker review – we were super impressed with this one. 

Fleshlight Ice Lady review: verdict

Marking this down because of its slight incompatibility with one's personal measurements probably isn't the thing to do, so let's take a more holistic view. Despite its rough edges, the Fleshlight Ice Lady is absolutely flattering, its clear looks make it doubly exciting, and it's pleasant feeling. It is, as Fleshlights go, probably the toy that's most ideal for couples. As long as you're dedicated to keeping it clean and have somewhere good to hide it, you'll absolutely have some fun.

James is T3's sex toy and male wellness expert who's been exploring the topic of sexual happiness for a decade. He knows it's not what you've got, it's how you use it – and how clean you keep it.