Womanizer collabs with Marilyn Monroe estate to release limited edition sex toy

Womanizer launches its I.Am.Original campaign alongside four new looks for the Classic 2, including a Marilyn Monroe limited edition toy

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe sex toy
(Image credit: Womanizer)

Sex toy brand Womanizer – which now sits snugly under the wing of The Lovehoney Group – has launched a limited edition version of its iconic Classic 2 clitoral stimulator, as part of a unique collaboration with the Marilyn Monroe estate.

The campaign, entitled I.Am.Original, launched earlier in September and sees the pioneering clitoral stimulator re-dressed in four new luxurious colours: White Marble, Black Marble, Mint and Vivid Red.

Four million people over 60 countries own a Womanizer, regarded as one of the best sex toys and the best vibrators on the market. The popular Womanizer Classic 2 is the enduringly popular precursor to the Womanizer Premium 2, and is the reimagined model for the Marilyn Monroe collaboration. If you're interested in the Womanizer Classic 2, read our Womanizer Premium 2 review for all the details.

I.Am.Original comes loaded with a strong message. Alongside its celebration of Monroe as a female icon and a strong and talented actress, it turns the spotlight firmly on the misrepresentation of female sexuality and sexual desire that continues to thrive in modern society, particularly on social media.

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe sex toy

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

Sending out a message

“This campaign and product is a tribute to a woman who was and still is famous and popular,” says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer. “A woman who was often underestimated, who rebelled against social conventions… a woman who was sexualized, a woman who went through hard times and survived... For us and for many people around the world, Marilyn Monroe remains an important example of empowerment and should be celebrated as such.”

The Womanizer brand is a thought leader in research, particularly with its global #IMasturbate campaign, which is dedicated to encouraging an open and shame-free dialogue about sex.

Womanizer recently conducted a survey in which 49.4% of women asked felt that social media depicts an unrealistic picture of women and sexuality. Its 2012 survey of 15 to 35-year-olds also revealed that the more women compared themselves, the more dissatisfied they felt with their physical appearance.

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe sex toy

(Image credit: Womanizer)

The I.Am.Original campaign is part of a loudening voice to change antiquated perceptions of female sexuality. I.Am.Original also comes armed with a powerfully emotive video, in which it proclaims “Sexualised and judged for it all. Time and time again… it’s time to stop listening.”

Womanizer is keen to establish that the launch of the I.Am.Original campaign and its focus on Marilyn Monroe as a woman who fell victim to the male gaze is not in any way associated with the release of new Netflix film, Blonde, on September 28th.

Nevertheless, it’s a serendipitous moment as the movie, which is directed by Andrew Dominik and stars Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, deals with themes of the psychological damage that was caused to Monroe as a result of sexual objectification.

“Marilyn is a compelling example of a strong woman that forged her own path long before Hollywood accepted powerful women,” said Dana Carpenter, EVP, Entertainment at Authentic Brands Group (ABG) a marketing and entertaining company whose portfolio includes Monroe. "Today, she serves as a role model for women to celebrate their bodies and be comfortable with who they are… We’re thrilled to partner with Womanizer for this exclusive launch.”

The Womanizer Marilyn Monroe Special Edition is available now on Womanizer.com or Lovehoney for £119.

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