This wearable can measure the amount of alcohol in your system

And it does it by testing your sweat...

Wearables will measure anything these days - hell, you can even get one that tracks your bedroom antics - so we're not entirely shocked to see one firm has come up with one that can measure the amount of booze in your body just by testing your sweat.

The Skyn, designed by BACtrack (a firm that usually designs devices such as breathalyzers for law enforcement in the US) uses a form of fuel cell technology that tests the amount of alcohol passing through your skin. However, considering it can take a good 45 minutes for booze to make its way from your blood to your skin, the new wearable is unlikely to replace traditional breathalyzers.

It may be a tad slow, but the discreet design has clearly impressed someone won the $200,000 grand prize at a National Institutes of Health-sponsored competition. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism launched the initiative to find new technologies to help regular people track and control the amount of alcohol they're pouring into their systems.

The Skyn doesn't just track how much alcohol you've imbibed, it can also warn you if you're knocking back too many shots - ideal if you're looking to watch the units or you want to keep your alcohol level low enough to legally drive.

Via: NIH

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