This is the most stylish face mask you can buy right now

Fashion and function combine in this super-sleek face mask

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Brands are all scrabbling to get on board the face mask train right now, but a lot of the efforts have a sadly homemade look about them. We're not knocking it – if you need something quickly, a scrappy looking face mask is much better than no face mask at all. But if you're sorted for a face covering right now and fancy picking up something a little more stylish and high-quality, head to The Tight Spot for a Walford face mask

This understated design is mercifully free of florals, polka dots, and 'fabric style not guaranteed' disclaimers. It also includes the key features we'd look for in an effective face mask (we're all for style, but there's really no point wearing a mask if it's not going to do anything). 

It's made from double-layer microfibre denier with a water-resistant finish, and features an adjustable aluminium nose wire and soft elastic ear bands ensure the all-important snug fit. It's also washable at 60°. This might not be the cheapest face mask you can pick up right now, but it's certainly the best looking.

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Buy the Wolford Face Mask now | £20 at The Tight Spot

Buy the Wolford Face Mask now | £20 at The Tight Spot
Pick up the most stylish face mask around now. As well as a sleek, understated design, this mask includes the all-important safety features we'd look for in an effective mask: comfortable, machine-washable, double-layer fabric, an adjustable nose wire, face-contoured design and soft ear straps. Order now at The Tight Spot.

Earlier this week, the UK government released a document recommending the wearing of face masks and other coverings in public places where social distancing is difficult – for example some shops, and on public transport. While wearing a mask will not stop you from catching COVID-19, it is thought to help protect others. 

If you choose to wear one, please remain observant of other preventative measures. That includes stay a distance of at least two metres away from others, washing your hands regularly or using hand sanitizer, and avoiding touching your face. 

For more pandemic essentials, check out our guides to where to buy hand sanitiser and our pick of the best thermometers.

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