This $300 Impossible Project instant camera is Polaroid but with a modern twist

Take instant physical photos while controlling it with a iOS app

The latest retro-minded creation from independent camera design studio The Impossible Project is a new take on the classic Polaroid camera. The I-1 can take instant physical photos in the traditional mold while adding in a few modern twists to make it feel new and interesting.

This isn't the first time The Impossible Project has been turning its eye to the Polaroid legacy - for years its been refurbishing Polaroid models for reselling and has taken up manufacturing duties on the classic Polaroid 600 film type since the original firm ceased its production in 2008.

So what's so special about this $300 I-1 then? Well, for a start it looks the bomb. Looking like a cross between a classic analogue telephone and an old hooded view camera, the I-1 is balancing retro chic with some modern sensibilities to make the format even more accessible.

The I-1 connects to a bespoke app that offers plenty of remote control options including shutter speed, flash strength, remote shooting and more. It's got a USB slot so it can be recharged and is compatible with classic 600 film and the reverse-engineered 600 film the Impossible Project is currently selling.

While it's certainly a pricey option for those with retro photography in mind (the Fujifilm Instax is noticeably cheaper), the I-1's mashup of the old world and the new will certainly have plenty of fans when it arrives on 10 May.

Via: The Impossible Project

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