The North Face's new Low-Fi Hi-Tek collection honours one of the US' most famous architects

Marrying neutral earth tones with vibrant pops of colour inspired by the original Oval InTENTion, the TNF's Low-Fi Hi-Tek is ready to take on the new season

The North Face launches Low-Fi Hi-Tek Collection
(Image credit: The North Face)

After what has been a very busy year for The North Face, the outdoor brand is ready to take on 2023 with its latest collection, Low-Fi Hi-Tek, a heritage-inspired look that takes design cues from the brand archives, reimagined for this season. 

The Low-Fi Hi-Tek Collection was created to celebrate and honour the design principles that were pioneered by American architect Buckminster Fuller and adopted by The North Face in the 1970s. Fuller's most famous project was the geodesic dome, a spherical structure extremely strong for its weight. The North Face's original Oval InTENTion, which revolutionised tent design at the time (we're talking mid-1970s), took inspiration from Fuller's geodesic dome.

The colour theory moulded into the Low-Fi Hi-Tek Collection collection is said to marry neutral earth tones with vibrant pops of colour inspired by the original Oval InTENTion. Updating iconic designs, each piece in the new collection is intentionally chosen to couple the heritage of the last 55 years of innovation at The North Face with today’s lens.

Stand-outs from Low-fi Hi-tek include the Women’s Mountain Short Jacket, the Men’s Windjammer (both retailer links), and the Pole Sleeve Oval Tent Graphic Tee – from out of the archives and into the future. The collection is available now at The North Face. For more info on The North Face products, visit T3's best down jacket and best winter coat guides. 

Matt Kollat
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