Best wallet 2024: for carrying your cash and credit cards

A buying guide to meticulously stitched currency carriers – these are the best wallets for men

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A leather wallet is a mandatory purchase as well as a valued life tool, one that you use every single day to carry around your most personal and private data, not to mention your credit cards, cash and coins.

However, a wallet isn't just a utility item – you can differentiate yourself by choosing a stylish wallet that says something about your personality. Prioritising an item that is less essential than shoes and shirts sends a strong message about your individuality, along with your approach to style.

What wallet will be best for you will be determined by your intended usage and personal taste. To give you an overview of everything from billfolds to standout designer card holders, below is our list of the best wallets you can find right now.

Best wallets for men

Types of Wallet

Your wallet may be a practical item for keeping your cash safe, but it also says a lot about your style and as you use it every day, it’s worth taking some trouble to invest in the right type. This will mostly come down to your lifestyle – you don’t want to use a rugged nylon wallet if you predominantly wear expensive suits – but also how much stuff you carry about. Here’s a quick rundown. 

Bifold wallet

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Lots of men favour a bifold wallet as it has plenty of room for cards, notes and sometimes spare change (if it has a zipped section inside). It’s worth looking to see how each one is laid out, as designs differ. The benefit is that it keeps all your stuff (aside from a phone and keys) in one place, but they can feel too bulky for some. 

Car holder wallet

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Card holder

If you pretty much pay for everything by card or contactless payment on your phone, you won’t need a bifold wallet. Card holders are some of the slimmest and most minimal offerings for carrying money and you can always stuff a £10 note in one of the slots for emergencies.

Coin wallet

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Coin wallets / Zip Wallets

For stylish eccentrics, coin cases are ideal. Tactile and compact, they’re great to keep in a coat pocket or bag. Yes, they are a little bulky, but they are also really useful for keeping loose change in one place so you’ll never have to beg for change for the car park again.

Do you need an RFID Blocking wallet?

You might keep an extra eye on your wallet in dodgy areas, but its cybercriminals who are the biggest threat. These days, criminals use tech to pickpocket by accessing your contactless payment cards using radio frequency identification, or RFID. 

The good news is that some wallets come with RFID blocking tech (and you can buy a card to keep in your wallet if not). 

Some people think this isn’t necessary, as criminals need to get very close to your card, or steal your wallet to make use of RFID, while others say hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated and we should be protecting our contactless cards, which have chips in them without an off switch – enabling them to be accessed in a split second. 

So, while the jury is out, having the blocking tech built into your wallet is no bad thing and adds an extra layer of protection without taking up any room, so you can’t lose!

Best wallet brands


makes sophisticated wallets from the finest leather. A subtle designer choice, those in the know will be impressed by the little mountain logo, while you know you have a quality wallet that will never embarrass you in important company. 

Aspinal of London

makes luxury wallets that don’t cost the earth. The British company is known for its quality leather goods and wide choice of colours and styles, so there’s definitely something for everyone. The best bit is that they look much more expensive than they are. Card holders start at just £40 and they can be personalised too.


is another highly covetable British brand. You won’t find one for less than £100, but they are available in a number of simple styles to suit your lifestyle as well as a rainbow of colours, from the most vibrant to neutral. The brand doesn’t rely on a big logo, making this a discrete designer choice, but its quality speaks volumes.


is a great choice for people who work in more casual environments or want a practical and rugged wallet. They tend not to be the smartest or poshest, but come in leather plus canvas, as well as every colour and print you can think of. You can have a lot of fun for less than £30so you might just fancy using one at the weekend.

Paul Smith 

is known for his signature stripes and love of colour, so it makes sense that wallets by the iconic British brand can be vibrant and super stripy, as well as black or brown with a fun but subtle stripy trim. Of course, the luxury fashion house uses the best materials, so it’s not just the pattern doing the talking.

Important things to consider when buying a wallet

While wallets are not the most complicated of tools, there are certain criteria that we looked at when evaluating each one. 

Out-and-out style and aesthetic, while not the most important factor, is a serious consideration. After all, you don't want to go on a date to Bibendum in a tailored suit and John Lobbs only to whip out a tatty piece of cowhide, do you?

If you have chosen the type of wallet you like, you’ll already be aware of how you use your wallet, but it’s also important to think about how your choice will fit with your style and image. 

Whilst we're talking about suits, size and compactness is another factor that needs to be evaluated for similar reasons. If you're going out for a night on the town, then a full-sized wallet might not be the best option. Instead, a smaller, streamlined, card-focused affair might be a better choice.

Of course, these options come in different sizes too, with different features and number of card slots, for example. So, it might be worth seeing how many cards you actually use and measuring your most-worn item’s pockets. 

Finally, there is material and colour to consider. A caviar leather finish or rugged nylon are super hard-wearing, but fine-grained calf leather might look smarter at first (but wear less well over time). If you’re a banker, you might not want a camo print or rainbow printed cardholder, whereas it would be a great look in a more relaxed workplace. Basically, you do you, but pick something that makes you feel confident whipping out your wallet in daily life, as it speaks volumes about you.

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