The AncestryDNA testing kit is under £50 in Cyber Monday deal

AncestryDNA testing kits are the cheapest they’ve ever been for Cyber Monday

AncestryDNA testing kit deal, Cyber Monday deals
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The best Cyber Monday deals are officially here, with huge discounts on 4K TVs, smartwatches, Xbox consoles and much more. If you’re looking for a stocking filler or Cyber Monday Christmas gift ideas, check out the AncestryDNA testing kits, which are now the cheapest they’ve ever been!

Right now in the AncestryDNA Cyber sale, the AncestryDNA testing kit is under £50, so you can look into your heritage, genealogy and family history for this record low price.

View the AncestryDNA Testing Kit Cyber Monday deal

Originally priced at £79, the original AncestryDNA testing kit is now just £49, including shipping. One of the best DNA testing kits on the market, AncestryDNA is the best place to build your family tree and start learning about your hidden ancestors, their stories and other genealogical insights.

The AncestryDNA testing kit is super easy to use and set-up. The set comes with easy instructions and a sample tube for you to send off your saliva for more in depth and accurate research. When you get your results back (this typically takes 6-8 weeks), the testing service teaches you more about your distant relatives, helps you to connect with living relatives and has access to millions of records and other genealogy features. For more details, check out our full AncestryDNA review.

With Christmas coming up, the AncestryDNA testing kit is a brilliant impulse buy for your family members who want to know more about their heritage. Now at just £49, this kit will make a great stocking filler, and for £1 extra, you can get the 3 month AncestryDNA worldwide family membership which unlocks more features and research.

All DNA testing kits from AncestryDNA are at their lowest ever prices this Cyber Monday. To view the original AncestryDNA testing kit deal, click the link above or keep reading for more offers (all end at midnight tomorrow).

AncestryDNA: £79

AncestryDNA: £79, £49 at AncestryDNA
Save £30 on the AncestryDNA testing kit in this Cyber Monday deal. With this kit and an AncestryDNA account, you can discover amazing insights about your heritage, ancestors and family connections. This price includes shipping and for £1 extra, you can sign up for the 3 month worldwide family membership for more research and records. Deal ends 29th November 2022.

AncestryDNA & Traits: £94

AncestryDNA & Traits: £94, £59 at AncestryDNA
This Cyber Monday, get 37% off the AncestryDNA testing & traits kit. Alongside the features of the original kit, the Traits kit lets you look into your personal traits, including physical, hidden, fitness, nutrient and sensory.This kit lets you explore how your genes influence important details about yourself and your family, and you can share this information with your AncestryDNA connections. Now just £59 in the AncestryDNA Cyber sale. Deal ends 29th November 2022.

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