T3's favourite hand warmer is the perfect stocking filler and it's now 20% off at Amazon

This deal will ensure you have warm hands all winter

cyber monday hand warmer deal
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Black Friday weekend has been and gone but Cyber Monday remains, as do the thousands and thousands of spectacular deals. That officially makes it the perfect time to start shopping for loved ones. We've already rounded up the best Christmas gift sets, but if you're not sure what to buy someone, a stocking filler usually does the trick. We're pretty certain we've found a good one...a reusable hand warmer. 

Before you click off this page, hear me out. It’s no secret that it’s absolutely freezing this December, so a reusable hand warmer as a stocking filler actually makes a lot of sense. They're perfect for winter walks or a quick dash to the shops, and can be used time and time again. What's not to love? 

Luckily for you, our favourite hand warmer is actually amongst Amazon's last minute deals for Cyber Monday. It's currently in the number one spot of our best hand warmers buying guide and for the reduced price of £21.99, it's guaranteed to be a winner. 

Lifesystems Rechargeable Hand Warmer: was £26.99, now £21.99 at Amazon (save £5)

Lifesystems Rechargeable Hand Warmer: was £26.99, now £21.99 at Amazon (save £5)
A compact and sleek hand warmer design that will fit conveniently in any pocket to improve comfort in the outdoors during cold conditions. With four heating settings and power bank functionality, it's a gift option for anyone.

The Lifesystems Rechargeable Hand Warmer features convenient USB charging, can be turned on and off as and when you need it, and will deliver up to six hours of heat on just a single charge. There are four heat levels to choose from, so you can get things as toasty as you need, and a handy visual indicator will show you how much charge is remaining.

It's ergonomically shaped, pleasant to hold, and has two internal heat plates that deliver a decent burst of even heat from both sides. Finally, it doubles up as an emergency power bank, which is not strictly necessary but surprisingly helpful. Read our full Lifesystems rechargeable hand warmer review for more information. 

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