Synek beer dispenser lets you pull pints at home

A barman you shall become, my son

Why sip your beer from a lowly glass bottle when you could be enjoying ice-cold brews direct from the tap, courtesy of Synek.

Enjoy brewery-fresh beers from the comfort of your kitchen with Synek, the sweet looking draught dispenser built for the amateur beer connossieur.

The table-top machine is designed to replace growlers, the big jugs used to store take-home craft beer from local breweries. Beer stored in growlers has a notoriously low life-span, but the Synek beer dispenser promises to keep your brew cold and fresh for over a month.

"It's got the convenience of a coffee machine, the volume of two growlers, the spirit of a falcon, and all the variety you've ever wanted," says Steve Young, creator of Synek.

"No expensive machinery, no kegging cost, no inconvenience - just access to the world's freshest craft beer wherever and whenever you like."

The Synek comes with a vacuum-sealed bag to store your beer, which the machine then dispenses when you're thirsting for some fine brewed hops.

Would-be barmen will be glad to hear the machine has temperature control options, and plugs into a standard mains socket. We're not saying you can bring this thing into work and kickstart an impromptu office beer-fest, but it's definitely an option to consider.

For now, Synek is just a humble Kickstarter project, with a target of $250,000 and 21 days left to make the cash. It's not bad going right now though, with backers putting up a sizeable $161K so far.

For $1 funding, you can choose what Synek calls the "cheap bastard" option, where the company will update you on the project's progress. If you actually want a home draught dispenser though, you'll have to shell out $299, which equates to about £175 of our finest British sterling.

Check out the launch video below to find out exactly how Synek's beer dispenser has acquired its 'spirit of a falcon':