Star.21 is a 'gamified' habit-forming fitness band

This healthy smartband is on the hunt for willing backers

This game-style smartband will turn you from sofa-slob to fitness-aficionado in no time...

Star.21 is a fitness band designed to help people form healthy habits and achieve their exercise goals through the power of repetition.

It runs with the theory that 21 days of continuous Star.21 use is enough to develop a long-lasting routine, with targets and levels to help 'gamify' the process.

“Most Fitness Bands today do not work because the novelty is short lived,"says G-Jay Yong, CEO of Oaxis, the firm behind Star.21.

“Our human brain is capable of rewiring itself in 21 days to establish new neural pathways. Through 21 days of repetitive actions, the long lasting healthy habits can be formed."

The band does the standard stuff like tracking activity and calories burned, but it's got some nifty features too. The Star.21 can track your sleep cycles and wake you up with a silent alarm to help you learn and manage your sleeping behaviour for optimal health.

It'll also ping out 'smart reminders' for things like regular water consumption, sensible bed times, and notifications for when you've been on your backside for too long.

The idea is to follow the targets and unlock achievements as you go, but be warned - if you fail and resort to couch-potatohood then you'll drop back a level.

The smartband has a 21x LED display, uses Bluetooth 4.0, weighs just 18g, touts a 50mAh battery that'll last for 15 days, and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

It's also IP57 waterproof and dustproof, so you don't have to fret everytime you're caught out under Britain's ever-roaming rainclouds.

The device was originally bound for a small launch in China and Australia, but the Star team's had good feedback on the product and decided to take the fitness tracker global.

Star.21 went live today on crowd-funding platform Pozible, with a single band marking up at a special offer price of £19.