Sony and Panasonic working on a replacement for Blu-ray

Archival Disc could come with capacities of 1TB and above

Sony and Panasonic are working on a new disc format that could eventually replace Blu-ray.

The project's current name is the rather fetching Archival Disc. Currently, the format is intended for – as the name suggests – archiving content. The discs are expected to be much more resilient compared to DVDs and Blu-rays.

Currently, Sony and Panasonic are aiming for 300GB discs by the summer of 2015. However, a 1TB disc is scheduled for further down the line as the two companies improve the format's capacity.

While Blu-ray was widely seen as the final disc format, the large file sizes of 4K content and the likelihood internet connections won't be fast enough everywhere might mean we see Archival Discs on store shelves soon.

According to the two companies, the format offers “inter-generational compatibility” between different disc formats.

There is currently no word on whether either company is working on commercial players.