Sex toys amongst lockdown's most popular gadgets

New stats reveal the surprise tech hit helping people come together in lockdown

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With all that's gone on in the past year, it stands to reason that self-care and wellness products are in higher demand than usual. But it's not all yoga mats and sunrise lamps: sex tech has enjoyed a big boom in popularity since the pandemic began. 

In research from into the wellbeing gadgets people have been searching for most since March 2020, couples vibrators came in at number 5. It's perhaps not surprising. Whether as a way for partners kept apart by quarantine rules to stay connected (metaphorically) or for locked-down duos to introduce something new and exciting into their relationship after several months under the same roof, a sex toy aimed at couples is a smart solution (for singletons, try our guide to the best Fleshlight).    

It seems that people are also using this enforced time indoors to kick-start their baby-making efforts, too, with searches for fertility monitors joining swiftly after at number 6 in the list. Presumably these are not the same people endeavouring to entertain and educate existing children whilst also trying to work from home. Take a look at the full top 10 below.

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"We’re seeing more and more people investing in technology meant to boost wellbeing, whether that means fitness, health, sexual or general lifestyle," comments founder and CEO Cas Paton.

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