Save 20% on pet supplies with this Amazon Prime Day deal!

Stock up now for your new cat or dog adoption, or pets deserving an upgrade

Amazon Prime Day pet supplies
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The best Amazon Prime Day deals are in full swing now, even though actual Prime Day isn't until October 13th. Right now, Amazon has slashed 20% off hundreds of products in the AmazonBasics range for Prime Members, and that includes loads of essential pet supplies. This offer will run until October 14th 2020.

Browse Amazon UK's range of pet supplies with 20% off

Interest in pet adoption has skyrocketed in 2020, which no surprise, since we could all do with some extra cuddly companionship when stuck at home. And also, stroking pets is known to help relieve stress, and… well, 2020.

If you've taken home a pet in the last few months, or are planning on getting a dog or cat in the run up to Christmas, this deal is the perfect time to stock up!

There are consumables in here that you definitely don't want to run out of – specifically, puppy training pads and waste bags. 20% is the perfect time to build up a nice cupboard-full.

But there's also 20 off a great metal dog crate, a metal dog exercise pen, a 60-foot tie-up cable, and an assorted of chew toys.

There are beds for both dogs and cats, ranging from nice squishy stuff to elevated hammock-style beds, to pads.

For cats, there are cat litter pads, and a great selection of cat trees ranging from the compact to the large, and with some cool modern designs that won't look so out of place in a classy living room.

Save 20% on AmazonBasics pet supplies at Amazon UK for Prime members
Amazon's range of its own-brand AmazonBasics pet supplies currently has 20% off for Prime members, from now until October 14th 2020. The range includes dog and cat essentials, from training pads to beds to cages/pens to cat trees, and a range of toys. When you browse the selection, the prices you'll see are without the 20% discount – the discount will be applied when you go to check out.View Deal

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