Pack it up humanity, Oppo is holding a selfie party in LA

Will celebrating 'the art of selfies' usher in the end times?

When the ancients foretold the End of Days, a final reckoning when mankind would be wiped from the face of the planet, they spoke of fire raining from the sky, the seas rising and four dark horseman looking on, but it appears the herald of the apocalypse is far more terrifying: a selfie party in LA.

Hosted by Oppo, this scary vision of humanity's end will feature 'interactive experiences', along with the promise of fun, glamour and a quiet place to stare into the void and evaluate your life choices, while some b-list celebrities snap selfies with your existential despair as the backdrop.

Well, maybe not the last bit. As a species we've grown obsessed with taking photos of ourselves to share with people we never see anymore whom we unironically call 'contacts', and Oppo has deemed this worthy of celebration.

Fear and loathing in Los Angeles

If you're rather keen on taking selfie shots of yourself - something that Oppo describes as 'building visual timelines for the future' - then Oppo's range of smartphones with high-quality front-facing cameras will likely be just what you're after.

The 'glamorous' selfie party will take place in LA with celebrities from around the world on July 28, so we recommend rounding up your family, telling them you love them and making your peace before then.