Nintendo's comeback plans include new budget 3DS games

Classic titles and phone games are reportedly coming with a low price tag

Nintendo plans to release more affordable software titles in the future, as it looks to increase profits.

Nintendo hasn't had the greatest couple of years. Console sales have been rather dreary, with the Wii U not performing as expected. Despite actually turning a profit in 2014, Nintendo has other ideas to boost its finances.

In a recent interview with Nikkei, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed plans to expand customer choice by releasing cheaper software titles.

The Japanese company apparently wants to re-create games for the Nintendo 3DS based on older titles and smartphone games. By keeping developments costs as low as possible, Nintendo could sell the games at prices as low as several hundred yen.

That would certainly put the games in the budget range. 700 yen translates to about £3.86, so 3DS gamers could pick new titles up without hardly breaking the bank.

On top of that, Nintendo plans to increase the number of free trial version it rolls out. The idea is to boost the reputation of new titles, thus increasing the chances of gamers buying the game in full.

"We aim to return to profit levels more typical of the company in the year ending March 2017," Iwata said, with suggestions that shareholders should anticipate seeing profit around 100 billion yen ($845 million).

Despite the situation, Iwata stresses that Nintendo has no plans to cut games system prices.