MysteryVibe 'adult toy' makes crowd-funding history

And in National Masturbation month as well...

MysteryVibe Crescendo is an innovative vibrator that has made crowd-funding history by being the first of its product type to feature on a site's homepage. So that's nice.

The MysteryVibe is a brand new British pleasure product that is, we are told, unlike anything else on the market.

While most ladies' home tickling devices offer a one-size-fits-all approach, the Crescendo can be bent into any shape. The device also features six motors and a music-mixer style app to make it vibrate any way you want.

Just make sure your smartphone has plenty of battery before your session begins, no one can turn "I can't find the iPhone charger" into pillow talk.

The Crescendo offers an unlimited range of vibrations, so the company is dubbing it the world's first truly personal sex toy.

MysteryVibe is currently working towards raising £50,000 on the crowdfunding site BORN.

BORN's Pierre Sapin said, “BORNis defined by its strict curation policy and its dedication to supporting developers who display real innovation and authentic creativity. What we saw inMysteryVibewas a real passion towards challenging the status quo around sexual taboos and supporting a true sex-positive environment. That's why we decided to put our full backing behind them.”

In news that you couldn't make up, this comes in National Masturbation Month, which aims to reduce the stigma surrounding the discussion and practice of masturbation. You first.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

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