Musto's Winter 2017 collection is built for the Arctic as well as city streets

The result of 50 years of experience

With 50 years of experience Musto certainly knows how to make a technical jacket, but it's fair to say the brand's previous flagship threads have mainly been substance over style, with bright colours and high-vis patches a plenty – perfect for Arctic explorations, but not exactly ideal for your commute. 

Musto's latest additions to the Marine Adventure Collection combines the best of Musto's technical expertise with an understated design and improved wearability – now you only need one coat to take you from the centre of London to Antarctica. 

Our highlight of the collection is the Siku Gore-Tex PrimaLoft Parka, the flagship piece if you will.

Musto calls the Siku "the pinnacle of technical design". It's built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, but the understated all-black aesthetic means it can be worn anywhere.

The Siku will protect you from heavy rain with dual-layer Gore-Tex, will providing breathable warmth with lightweight PrimaLoft Gold.

Musto have binned the fur hood in favour of a double layer construction, and added a breathable nylon metal mesh face mask that allows water vapour to pass through when exhaling.

Now, don't go thinking the Siku is all style over substance. If the unthinkable avalanche does happen, the jacket features Recco Reflectors which can be picked up by rescue teams using special equipment.

The Siku Gore-Tex PrimaLoft Parka has an RRP of £850 (around $1120 USD).

Check out the Siku below:

The Evolution Arctic Gore-Tex PrimaLoft Parka was also added to the range, now in a selection of four colours including Brilliant Blue, Liquorice, Black and Forest Green (slightly more subtle than the reds and whites of previous versions).

The Arctic Parka features a two-layer Gore-Tex laminate, PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Down Blend, as well as the Recco system.

The Evolution Arctic Gore-Tex PrimaLoft Parka has an RRP of £750 (around $990 USD)

And finally, for a lighter option, Musto has added the Bering PrimaLoft Jacket. The lightweight jacket is packed with PrimaLoft Black Thermoplume Insulation and finished with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating.

The Bering PrimaLoft Jacket has an RRP of £350 (around $460 USD).

Check out the two jackets below:

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