LELO launches new couples edition of popular sex toy, the TOR 3

The LELO TOR 3 is an exciting sex toy that opens up a new world for couples

LELO TOR 3 launch, sex toys
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Sexual wellness and happiness brand, LELO has just launched the all-new TOR 3, a pleasure ring that’s designed for couples. LELO makes some of the best sex toys on the market and this new release builds off the success of its previous TOR products, making the TOR 3 couple-friendly.

The TOR 3, the new addition to the TOR family, has been created following research and data recently conducted by LELO. New data from the brand shows that more and more couples are using sex toys together. The survey found nearly half (44%) of participants stated they use or are starting to experiment with sex toys with their partner.

Following this research, LELO realised that some of the best sex toys for couples tend to be cock rings that enhance sensations for both partners, making its popular TOR toys the perfect choice for two. Beyond experimenting and pushing boundaries, LELO’s data also found that more than half (53%) of survey respondents said they’re willing to use a toy to help their partner orgasm if they haven’t during penetrative sex. In an effort to make sure both partners reach orgasm, LELO came up with its new version of the TOR 3, which the brand states is its “perfect addition to playtime”.

So, let’s take a look at the new LELO TOR 3. This updated version of the ‘cult classic’ and award-winning cock ring, the TOR 3 has more pleasure settings and intensities to choose from than its predecessors. To get specific, the TOR 3 has 8 powerful pleasure settings and vibration patterns that vary in intensity from a murmur to a pulse. The TOR 3 is on par with the best vibrators (yes, vibrating cock rings fall under this toy category) and it functions by transmitting vibrations and enhancing sensations for both partners.

LELO TOR 3 in hand next to smartphone app

(Image credit: LELO)

All the settings and functions that the TOR 3 provides can be easily controlled by the LELO APP. The LELO APP, which is available to download for free on the App Store or Google Play, connects to the TOR 3 via Bluetooth and you can customise your experiences and gain greater control over your device and sensations. The app also has sex toy and relationship advice articles and if you have another app-controlled LELO toy in your collection, you can connect this to the app, too.

In terms of materials, the LELO TOR 3 is made of premium body-safe silicone that’s 100% waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower. The ultra-smooth material is fully flexible so it can fit all shapes and sizes and it feels warm to the touch, making it “profoundly fulfilling and hygienic” – but don’t forget to thoroughly and regularly clean your sex toy after use. The LELO TOR 3 is also available in three colours: black, base blue and violet dusk.

LELO TOR 3 in base blue

(Image credit: LELO)

This new release from LELO isn’t the only exciting launch to come from the earlier months of 2023. In February, LELO celebrated its 20th anniversary by releasing the new and improved Lily 3 which we gave 5 stars in our LELO Lily 3 review. Following these two exciting announcements, we’re excited to see what’s coming next this year from LELO.

The LELO Tor 3 is available to buy on the LELO website for £139.

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