LELO launches app and remote-controlled male sex toys for more targeted pleasure

LELO’s new prostate massages break the boundaries of male pleasure

LELO Hugo 2
(Image credit: LELO)

Swedish sex toy and massager manufacturer, LELO has just launched two new prostate massagers to break the boundaries of male anal pleasure. Designed for men and people with penises, LELO has expanded its Hugo collection with an app-controlled model and a remote-control version of its popular prostate toy.

Male butt play has often been considered taboo, but many sexual health and wellness studies have found that more people are experimenting with anal, particularly heterosexual couples. Stimulating the prostate or ‘p-spot’ with the best sex toys for men can deliver intense and enjoyable orgasms, and since the demand has increased, popular sex toy brands are releasing newer and more exciting toys to its collection.

While LELO is arguably best known for its female sex toys, including clitoral and G-spot stimulators like the LELO Enigma Wave, its Hugo line of prostate massagers have been a firm favourite for years. Now, it’s expanding the Hugo’s abilities and features with the two new additions: Hugo 2 and Hugo 2 Remote. Both toys are designed for beginners and experienced users who are looking to elevate their orgasms during couple or solo play.

The LELO Hugo 2 is an app-controlled vibrating prostate massager that’s been reimagined from the original Hugo for expert hands-free play. T3 ranked the original Hugo as the best prostate massager overall, although noted that it often had to be held in place for use, which took away from the experience. To fix this, the Hugo 2 has been resized and its insertable length has shrunk slightly to allow for a better fit and a smoother start for beginners (although make sure to buy the best lube before you get started). 

LELO Hugo 2 Remote

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Powered by two motors, the Hugo 2 has 16 vibration settings to play with, four that are preset into the toy and 12 that are available when connected to the LELO app. The motors are situated at the base and tip of the Hugo 2 and work in sync with one another to stimulate the prostate and perineum at the same time. Made from extra-soft premium silicone, the Hugo 2 is completely waterproof and has a prolonged battery life for longer sessions and sensations.

By connecting the Hugo 2 to the LELO app, users can unlock additional modes and extra sensations to play with. During couple’s play, your partner can have control over the Hugo 2 via their smartphone to spice things up in the bedroom. The app also has access to sexual wellness advice, relationship tips and erotic literature.

The second new release from LELO is the LELO Hugo 2 Remote. Instead of connecting to an app, this prostate massager comes with a remote for manual control that offers unique steering functions. What’s clever about the Hugo 2 Remote is its use of SenseMotion technology that adjusts vibration intensity by tilting or moving the remote control in different directions.

Like the Hugo 2, the Hugo 2 Remote has two motors and provides prostate and perineum stimulation simultaneously, although it has only eight settings to choose from as opposed to the 16 with the Hugo 2. Both toys are available to buy at LELO, with the Hugo 2 costing £159 and the Hugo 2 Remote priced at £199.

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