ISLE creates completely new stand-up paddle board category with their new launch

Inflatable Harboards offer the performance of a rigid stand-up paddle board with the convenience of an inflatable package

ISLE launches PRO series of inflatable hardboards
(Image credit: ISLE)

Inflatable stand paddle boards have a lot of advantages over rigid boards. They are lighter, can be transported easier, and are more beginner-friendly. However, due to the flexibility of the boards, they offer less protection against waves and can feel temperamental at times. ISLE's new PRO series of inflatable hardboards is said to provide a solution to this problem.

The popularity of the best inflatable paddle boards rose to new heights during and especially after the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, as people realised that spending more time outdoors is not only good for your physical health but also your mental well-being. Paddleboarding offers an excellent way to be on and around water without practising the craft for years.

As the name suggests, the new ISLE PRO series of inflatable hardboards are for riders who have some experience in paddleboarding and want to achieve a bit more speed without sacrificing the versatility of inflatable boards. Inflatable hardboards utilise InfinityFiber, an material innovation from ISLE that makes Inflatable hardboards 200-300% more rigid than typical inflatables, according to the brand.

The PRO models also incorporate PowerFuse technology, a mechanically fused rail structure in the outer board circumference that decreases potential air leakage, improves manoeuvrability, and prolongs the board’s lifespan. The solution eliminates common pain points within the inflatable watercraft categories by "drastically improving stability, glide, performance, and durability," ISLE claims. 

ISLE launches PRO series of inflatable hardboards

(Image credit: ISLE)

All boards will feature the ISLE-Link Ecosystem, a nose-to-tail connection system allowing you to attach accessories like kayak seats and footrests easily or to strap down layers, dry packs, and paddle accessories to a preferred location with the gear management system that replaces typical bungee tie-downs. Other features include a ‘click-and-go’ fin system for easy installation and removal, a 2-part folding fin box for more compact storage, a camera mount on the front of the board, and a premium wheelie backpack for effortless transport. 

The Pro Series is available to purchase from today directly at ISLE. Prices are from $995 for the Explorer Pro Series (offered in 2 models) and $895 for the Pioneer Pro Series (offered in 3 models). For more info on paddle boards, read our best paddle board for beginners guide. Also, here are three reasons why you should start paddleboarding this year.

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