Google and Levi’s team up to make smart jeans

Interactive clothing is becoming a thing

We've seen examples of smart clothing in the past, but this collaboration has rocketed our interest. Google and Levi's are joining forces to develop interactive garments that will be able to control your smart devices on-the-go.

Exciting stuff, this. Google announced at its developer conference on Friday that it's partnering up with clothing brand Levi's to start producing interactive clothing.

Google wants to use the tech from Project Jacquard, an experimental program within its Advanced Technology and Projects unitthat has developed conductive yarn with textile makers in Japan.

As the material can be woven into any fabric, it has the potential to transform various types of clothing into interactive surfaces.

Google has already demoed this tech to the public, showing how swiping a patch of yarn woven into fabric can control the music playing on a smartphone. And there's potential for many other uses too.

Neither Google nor Levi's has revealed details on what products their developing – maybe jeans is the obvious one – or when they will be ready for market.

But Google has its eye on the big picture. The clothing industry produces 19 billion garments a year, 150-times the number of mobile phones.

"We cannot expect global fashion industry to change just for us even though we're Google," said Google's Ivan Poupyrev. "We have to adapt to the textile industry."

"You would not call it a wearable, you would call it a jacket," said Poupyrev.

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