Gift guide: The Fitbit Charge 4 is a solid choice for exercise fans this Christmas

This well-priced tracker is packed with features, making it a top Christmas gift

Fitbit Charge 4
(Image credit: Fitbit)

The Fitbit Charge 4 may not be the newest model or boast the biggest screen, but its simple design hides a huge host of features. Built for fitness buffs, it has everything you would expect of a tracker, including built-in GPS and heart rate features, plus some nice extras like Fitbit pay. 

The device is designed to help gym bunnies, runners and the like keep track of their progress and immerse themselves in stats. This Fitbit looks more functional than some others and has a long, 7-day battery life, making it perfect for no-nonsense users who want substance over style.

We’ve used the FitBit Charge 4 for months and it certainly makes working out more insightful, helping users try harder and make more progress, which is exactly what everyone wants after chowing down Christmas dinners and watching too much telly!

Who’s it for?

Serious gym bunnies: The Charge 4 is a brilliant option for those who want all the basics to work brilliantly and aren’t too bothered shiny colour screens or pretty straps. From activity monitoring and alerts, to guided breathing, this model does most things!

Fitbit Newbies: The Fitbit Charge 4 is a mid-range model, so for real beginners the cheaper Inspire model would suffice, but if you have a someone who wants to immerse themselves in a great device that’s built to last, this one would make a great present.

No-nonsense users: There are certainly fancier and arguably more attractive Fitbits available, but for people who aren’t fussed by big screens or fancy straps, this model has all the best features in a minimalist and rugged package.

Age range:

The Charge 4 is not targeted at a particular age group, but it feels serious and the watch is quite thick, making it better for adults.

What makes it the perfect gift?

24/7 heart monitoring

Like most mid to high range Fitbit models, this one includes 24/7 heart rate monitoring, which is handy working out and fascinating during the working day! The Charge 4 tracks all-day calorie burn, real-time heart rate zones and active zone minutes for more efficient workouts.

Built-in GPS

Most exercise fanatics use GPS to track runs or rides and this device has it built in. This means users can leave their phone behind and explore the outdoors, while recording their pace and distance so they can see their progress on a workout intensity map using the accompanying Fitbit app when they get home.

Little extras

The Charge 4 lets users amp up their workout by connecting to their Spotify account, enabling them to browse their playlists and play. They can also use it with Fitbit Pay.

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