Condoms from 15p each! Browse the best bedside drawer deals in the Prime Day sale

It's Amazon Prime Day, and there are condom and lube bargains everyone

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It's Amazon Prime Day! Today's best Prime Day deals include all sorts of fun gadgets, but it's also a really good time to pick up boring essentials on the cheap. If you're all set for washing tablets and batteries, how about some slightly less boring essentials? Because there are loads of lube and condom deals included in the Prime Day sales. 

If you want some guidance on what to buy, we have a guide to the best lube for a variety of things, as well as an explainer breaking down the differences between water- vs oil- vs silicone-based lube. We also have an article on the best condoms (again, it's not too complicated, but sometimes it's helpful to have a bit of guidance).

You do need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to take advantage of these deals, but you can still access them via the free 30-day trial. If it doesn't suit you, you can cancel during that period to avoid being charged. Sign up to Prime here

Durex Condoms Big Box:  was £29.99, now £20.99 at Amazon (save £9)

Durex Condoms Big Box: was £29.99, now £20.99 at Amazon (save £9)
Everyone knows the best way to save big is to bulk buy, baby. There are 144 condoms in here, which should last you... well, we don't want to be making any assumptions, but hopefully a little while. It works out at under 15p a condom, which I think we can all agree is very good value indeed. These are just your classic condoms – there are fancier options below if that's what you want.

Durex Feel water-based lube (3 x 250ml):  was £18.74, now £13.12 at Amazon (save £5)

Durex Feel water-based lube (3 x 250ml): was £18.74, now £13.12 at Amazon (save £5)
It's not the most exciting looking branding, but this water-based lube from Durex will do exactly what you need it to, and it's a bargain with three 250ml bottles for just over £13. It's non-greasy and won't stain fabrics, either.

Lelo water-based lubricant:  was £17.90, now £12.18 at Amazon (save £5)

Lelo water-based lubricant: was £17.90, now £12.18 at Amazon (save £5)
This is the most stylish lube bottle we've ever seen. You might even mistake it for perfume, although you should probably try to avoid that. This high-end Lelo lube can is unscented and pH balanced, but enriched with aloe vera.

Durex Surprise Me variety pack:  was £26.99, now £12.19 at Amazon (save £14)

Durex Surprise Me variety pack: was £26.99, now £12.19 at Amazon (save £14)
It's not the name we'd have gone for, but this Surprise Me variety pack of condoms is undoubtedly great value this Prime Day. This multi-pack includes thin feel condoms, thicker extra safe condoms, ribbed condoms and dotted condoms. It's like a sexy pick'n'mix.

Durex Thin Feel Condoms (40 pack):  was £20, now £14.19 at Amazon (save £6)

Durex Thin Feel Condoms (40 pack): was £20, now £14.19 at Amazon (save £6)
Grab the 40-pack of these Thin Feel condoms with 29% off this Prime Day. They're thinner than your typical condom, for increased sensitivity, without sacrificing on safety.

Durex Naturals Extra-Sensitive lube:  was £9.99, now £6.55 at Amazon (save £3)

Durex Naturals Extra-Sensitive lube: was £9.99, now £6.55 at Amazon (save £3)
The Durex Naturals Intimate Gel is designed for those with sensitive skin. It's made with natural ingredients, and includes soothing aloe vera extract. It's water-based and fine to use with sex toys and natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms.

Durex Massage 2-in-1 lube:  was £7.99, now £4.89 at Amazon (save £3)

Durex Massage 2-in-1 lube: was £7.99, now £4.89 at Amazon (save £3)
A lube and a massage oil all in one, this Durex offering is suitable for use anywhere and everywhere, including intimate areas. There's 39% off for Prime Day.

Durex Pleasure Me condoms (12 pack):  was £9.99, now £5.05 at Amazon (save £4)

Durex Pleasure Me condoms (12 pack): was £9.99, now £5.05 at Amazon (save £4)
Grab a box of Durex Pleasure Me condoms for almost half price this Prime Day. These natural latex condoms are ribbed and dotted for extra simulation. Annoyingly, the deal is only on the 12-pack.

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