Canon's upcoming 8K tech is a feast for the eyes

8K Cinema system and reference screen plus a 120-megapixel SLR are in development

Canon is ready to enter the bold future of 8K by developing three new products that are fully equipped for the brave new world.

The camera specialist is developing three new products including a Cinema EOS System 8K camera and professional-use 8K reference display that both support 8K content plus a new consumer SLR camera that possesses 120-megapixels.

Canon's new Cinema EOS System 8K will have a Canon Super 35mm-equivalent CMOS sensor that makes 8,192 x 4,320 pixel imaging performance a reality - even at a frame rate of 60fps. With this impressive level of tech you might expect the body size to grow immeasurably. This is not the case, instead Canon promising “unbeatable mobility” plus an EF mount that is compatible with Canon's full interchangeable EF lineup.

Second off the development line is an ultra high-res 8K reference screen that can hit the heights in the brightness and contrast departments thanks to its high dynamic range and wide colour gamut. It pushes the very limits of human visibility with a pixel density exceeding 300ppi and it's all about achieving the subtle changes in light that have, until now, not been possible. Combined with the EOS System 8K camera it's a line-up to shout about.

Still pictures aren't neglected by Canon's developments, the 120-megapixel SLR camera promising to deliver high resolution images that recreate the 3D texture, feel and presence of subjects to make them appear as if they are in front of your very eyes. This is even at an enlarged poster size.

At this stage there is no indication when Canon plans to bring the new exciting developments to market and it's a case of watching this space for what will be a new dawn for eyes across the planet.

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