5 ways tech can make owning a pet easier

Here are some great gadgets and gizmos that can help pet parents look after their fur babies

5 ways tech can make owning a pet easier
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Technology is amazing. We as humans use it in our lives every day. From machines that make us our morning cup of coffee, to our mobile phones that allow us to stay connected to our friends and loved ones, technology really does make our lives easier. If you’re a pet owner, then you’ll be pleased to hear there’s several great tech gadgets out there that can make looking after your furry friend a whole lot easier. 

Having a pet is like having an extra family member, they need looking after and entertaining just like we all do. Here at T3, we’ve explored some of the tech world’s greatest gadgets for pets and found some of the best ways you can use technology to help you be better parents to your furry friends. 

From keeping an eye on them when you’re not home, to devices that will help you understand your pet’s health better, here’s 5 ways tech can make owning a pet easier.

5 ways tech can make owning a pet easier

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1. Pet Cameras can help with separation anxiety  

Many of us have a very special bond with our pet, and if you’ve just got a puppy or adopted a pet then the training process can be difficult. Leaving pets alone for the first time is a big step, but with the latest technology you can now keep an eye on your pet while you’re out of the house to ensure they’re happy and not destroying the place. You could use a standard home security camera or invest in a dedicated pet camera that is designed to monitor your pet, recognise movement and barking, and notify you of how they’re doing. 

Pet Camera footage can be streamed to your phone and most offer two-way audio so you can talk to your pet to calm them if they’re distressed. Some also have laser pointers and treat dispensers, so you can play with and even train your pet from afar. The Furbo Pet Camera is a great example, which allows you to toss treats to your dog and get ‘bark alerts’ to your phone so you know how they’re doing. check out our review, here.

5 ways tech can make owning a pet easier

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2. Never worry about hair again with pet vacuum cleaners!

One thing about our furry friends is that they can often leave hair everywhere! Hair that a regular vacuum cleaner just can’t contend with. Cats and dogs in particular, seem to shed so much that their hair gets stuck on our clothes, on the sofa, in the carpet, and for those who have allergies this can make owning a pet really difficult. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, and if you’re struggling with pet hair taking over your home, then investing in a pet vacuum will make your life a lot easier. 

The likes of Dyson, Hoover and Vax now all offer specialised pet vacuums so getting rid of hair is no longer such a nightmare. Our favourite is the Hoover Telios Extra Pets, which comes with a special nozzle for removing stubborn pet hair from furniture and floors. 

5 ways tech can make owning a pet easier

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3. Never lose your pet again with advanced pet GPS trackers

There’s no worse thought for pet owner than your pet getting lost. If you have a curious cat that likes to go off roaming the streets for hours on end, or a hyperactive dog that can have the tendency to dart off when you’re on a walk, then a GPS tracker is a great way to keep tabs on your pet. Trackers such as the Tractive GPS for cats and dogs will allow you to pre-set ‘safe zones’ and the tracker will alert you if your pet has gone beyond these areas. They’re also great if you’re just curious about what your pet gets up to, as you can look at their location history and see where they’ve been. The Tractive GPS Tracker is a collar that your pet can wear which is pretty robust and fully waterproof. To find out more about Tractive, read our article.

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4. Save money on a pet sitter with automatic pet feeders

If you have a cat or other small pet that can be left to their own devices most of the time, except for when they need feeding, then an automatic pet feeder can help bridge this gap. You can get automatic pet feeders for fish, cats and even dogs if you’re going to be out for the evening and want to ensure they don’t go hungry.

Automatic pet feeders are great for portion control and will dispense food at set times or intervals when you’re not around. There are many different automatic pet feeders on the market, but the Trixie TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser is one of the most highly rated out there. You can load it with both wet and dry food for your cat or dog and it holds enough for two 300ml meals. It works n batteries and has a timer for up to 48 hour periods, with ice packs to ensure food stays fresh. 

Automatic pet feeders are also very good gadgets to have for fussy eaters and owners of multiple pets who tend to fight at meal times. Cats are often known for turning there nose up at food when you serve it to them, so sometimes having an automatic feeder do it for you will allow your pets to eat their food when they feel like it. 

5. Let your pet come and go as they please with an electronic pet door

Gone are the days of old cat flaps! If you want to give your pet the autonomy to take themselves out to the garden when they need to do their business, without you having to get out of bed to escort them, then an electronic pet door is the super-high-tech gadget you need. The concept is the same as the classic cat flap, except with an electronic door, you have peace of mind that your home is secure and only your pet can use it to go in and out. 

An electronic pet door works via a corresponding collar or microchip, which is programmed to the cat flap or door, and can sense when your pet is approaching the door. Most electronic pet doors come with an app where you can set your preferences to in or out only or allow access both ways, which can stop other pets or strays entering your home. You can get different sized pet doors depending on which pet you have. Popular options include the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect for cats and the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Door from Amazon for dogs. 


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