2 for 1 on Masterclass streaming courses: skill up during lockdown

Learn from the best of the best with a Masterclass membership – for a limited time, buy one get another free!

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If you're finding yourself twiddling your thumbs right now, why not use this lockdown period to learn a new skill? For a limited time, celebrity online course provider Masterclass is offering two for one on annual memberships. And that's not celebrities in inverted commas either – these are proper, top-of-their-game, household name, world leaders in their fields. 

You could swot up on tennis techniques with Serena Williams, hone your photography skills with Annie Leibovitz, learn basketball skills with Stephen Curry, or improve your creative writing with Margaret Atwood. Whatever you're into, there are courses here for you – from sports to creative pursuits to cooking to business strategy. 

An annual membership gives you an all-access pass to all the courses, which means you can try as many as you like – this might be the perfect time to branch out into something you hadn't explored before. Hurry though, this offer is available for just a few days (ends 19 April).

To get this deal, you need to sign up for a Masterclass account and purchase on All-Access Pass. You'll then be given a free year's subscription to share with whoever you want. 

Annual Masterclass online learning memberships | 2 all-access passes for £170 Buy one get one free! Offer ends: 19 April (11.59pm PDT)

Annual Masterclass online learning memberships | 2 all-access passes for £170
Buy one get one free! Use your downtime to learn a new skill with a Masterclass membership. Stream courses from the absolute best of the best in a wide variety of fields. Right now, if you buy an annual all-access pass, you'll get another one completely free.
Offer ends: 19 April (11.59pm PDT)

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