Should I buy the Miele H7164BP Clean Steel Pyrolytic Oven?

The Miele H7164BP Built-In Single Oven, Clean Steel Pyrolytic Oven is a high-spec smart oven that literally does the brain-work to make your cooking needs easier

Miele H7164BP
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If you’re always whipping up a storm in the kitchen, then you’ll need the best, premium oven to help create your culinary delights. The Miele H7164BP is a top-tier steam and smart oven that if Wi-Fi enabled, and comes with ‘Moisture Plus’ technology for those perfect ‘bake-off’ results. 

With so many premium built-in ovens available, it can often be tricky deciding which one would suit your lifestyle (and kitchen). The best ovens will have power, efficiency and plenty of convenient features to ensure your meals are delicious. Best of all, if you don’t enjoy cleaning your oven (who really does?), the self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens are an absolute godsend.

But what exactly are you getting with a high-tech oven, that you can’t get from any other premium model? We take a further look at the Miele H7164BP to find out why it’s highly sought after.

Miele H7164BP Pyrolytic Oven: Price & release date

Miele is a high-end brand renowned for its reliability, innovative technology and sleek, seamless designs. In fact, it was ranked the second highest ‘most reliable’ appliance brand in America, only beaten by US washer brand, Speed Queen. So you can be sure to expect top quality for your hard-earned money. 

The Miele H7164BP was newly-released in 2020, and priced at a steep £1,317. Sadly, Miele doesn’t really do offers on their items, but you may find the odd deal at other retailers. Miele does however have ‘cheaper’ models which are just as efficient, and so it’s worth weighing up the extra cost for the mod-cons.

Miele H7164BP

(Image credit: Miele)

Miele H7164BP Pyrolytic Oven: Key features

When it comes to fancy features and more settings than you’ll ever need, the Miele H7164BP goes above and beyond. It’s very user-friendly with its DirectSensor S intuitive, clear text display panel, which enables you to choose a programme at just the touch of a button. 

Its superb cooking performance is thanks to its precise temperature controlled Taste Control food probe. This cools down the oven after you’ve finished cooking to ensure your dishes don’t overcook. Another impressive feature is the Moisture Plus function which lets out timed bursts of steam to keep dishes moist and not dry out. Results range from succulent roast dinners to soft and fluffy cakes and bakes. In fact, those who love baking will love this feature!

Equipped with a 76-litre cooking capacity on five levels, this oven is spacious enough to handle all your cooking needs and dinner party requirements. Other features include rapid heat-up function, so no need for lengthy pre-heating, and One Degree Accuracy, that maintains the temperature you set to within (yes) one degree. 

But perhaps the piece de resistance is the smart control that lets you adjust your cooking directly from your smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded the Miele@mobile app, you can easily control your oven’s settings or even get new recipes. Handy for whenever you need to quickly pop out for a few minutes or want to put your feet up on the sofa! 

Its streamlined black and stainless steel design with bar handle gives it a very high-end look and luxury feel. Design features include SoftClose and SoftOpen doors with a cushioning mechanism to prevent the door slamming shut, and Miele’s FlexiClip telescopic runners for easy and safe access to hot food. It has a Touch-Cool front to prevent burns, and automatic child-lock function, handy for any young children running around.

Miele H7164BP Pyrolytic Oven: Downsides

Despite its hefty price tag, the Miele H7164BP doesn’t warrant any major complaints, including from user reviews. It’s fairly easy to use, even for technophobes out there (after all, you don't have to use the smart features). However, if you don’t necessarily need all the fancy features and mod-cons, you could potentially save a lot of money without losing much cooking performance.

Miele H7164BP

(Image credit: Miele)

Miele H7164BP Pyrolytic Oven: Conclusion

If you enjoy cooking and don’t mind splashing out on a fancy high-tech smart oven, the Miele H7164BP will make your day-to-day tasks easier. Its precision temperature technology, and Moisture Plus feature will cook and bake dishes to perfection. 

Compared to other premium models, it has a huge capacity, handy for those big Sunday roasts or catering to family gatherings… and it even deep cleans itself after! Best of all, the Wi-Fi connectivity to your phone means you can let it do some of the work without you having to get up off the sofa! What more can you ask for?

Once you overlook the eye-watering price tag, you’ll find the exceptional results make it a great investment. 

Cynthia Lawrence

Cynthia Lawrence is a freelance lifestyle journalist and digital editor for national publications. She also has a rather unhealthy obsession for Homes & Interiors, and loves a good bargain.