Best electric screwdriver 2024: for flatpacks & fixtures

A little more torque, a little more action with the best electric screwdriver for light DIY

Best electric screwdrivers

Nothing beats the best electric screwdriver for flatpack construction, cupboard work and, in fact, anything other than screwing into masonry or very tight spaces. Real burly builder fellas would tell you they'd never be seen dead holding an electric screwdriver, but we beg to differ. With the best electric screwdrivers, you can do away with RSI and make mincemeat out of simple screwing jobs. They get into tighter spaces than drill drivers, and are easier on the wrist than manual ones.

Do you need an electric screwdriver? Well, even if you own one of the best cordless drills, our verdict is a resounding yes! That's because there are plenty of jobs where a drill won't fit, and plenty more where getting the drill out is more effort than it's worth.

The truth is, manually screwing into timber, plaster and flatpack furniture can be a killer on the arms. Manual screwdrivers get dropped into infinite chasms behind furniture, drills are too unwieldy, and expletives tumble like rabbits down a slide, out of tired mouths. An electric screwdriver offers relief to regular handy folk and the best ones feature gun-like barrels to hold myriad screwdriver bits, meaning no more fumbling over the correct 'driver for the job.

So, sure, an electric screwdriver might get you laughed off the building site. But give any of those wolf-whistling types an Ikea Billy Bookcase to assemble and they’ll soon be begging for the mechanical assistance an electric screwdriver can offer…

Best electric screwdrivers ranking 2024

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How to buy the best electric screwdriver

For something that seemingly tackles a relatively simple job, prices of the humble electric screwdriver vary wildly according to brand cache, build quality and performance. It's possible to pick something up for as little as £10 from some online outlets, but we'd suggest avoiding the really budget stuff, as the screw bits tend to break or round screws, the torque output generally isn't enough to tackle most jobs and the batteries don't last.

Seeing as the electric screwdriver is a handy cordless addition to any toolbox, battery life is pretty important. Instead, spend a bit more and get something with Lithium-ion batteries and a motor that puts out at least 3Nm of torque, which should be enough to tackle even the most demanding flat-pack jobs.

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