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Best dog camera 2020: keep an eye on your pooch or any pet from afar

The best cameras for watching over your pets and dogs while you're away from home

best dog camera

With one of the best pet cameras for the home set up in your living space, you can get some extra peace of mind by keeping an eye on what's happening while you're away – you know that your pet is okay and you know that your home furnishings are okay too.

The list of best dog cameras and best pet cameras is an increasingly long one – you can pick up some excellent models from Argos, Amazon and many other places – and so picking the right one can be tricky. Fear not, because we're here to help you find the best pet camera.

The good news is you don't have too many specs and features to wade through when it comes to choosing the best dog camera out there (most cameras are badged as dog cameras, though they'll do for any pet for the most part). Price is key of course, as is the overall design.

If there's something in particular your animal companion needs then you of course want to make sure it's included in your pet camera of choice. It might be two-way audio, so you can chat to your pet, or it might be the ability for multiple people to tune into the video feed at once.

Furbo Dog Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Furbo Dog Camera

1. Furbo Dog Camera

The best dog camera for extra features

Reasons to buy
+Comes with a treat dispenser+Superb 160-degree field of view

The Furbo Dog Camera is one of the best pet cameras on the market at the moment and one of the most popular. It's not difficult to see why, despite its relatively high cost: it can toss out treats as well as watching what's going on at home, in crisp 720p video and with a 160-degree field of view that's going to take in most of what's happening in a room.

The 4x zoom and night vision help you see even more. You can get "bark alerts" pushed to your phone if your pooch is making too much noise, and the Furbo Dog Camera has two-way audio as well, which is handy for admonishing or praising your pet from the other side of the world (or the office). It's solidly and stylishly built, and is an excellent choice.

Skymee Dog Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Skymee Dog Camera

2. Skymee Dog Camera

The best dog camera for all-round value

Reasons to buy
+Play games remotely+Works with Alexa

The Furbo Dog Camera isn't the only one that can dispense treats – take a look at the Skymee Dog Camera, for instance, which does the same trick. it's compact and cute enough (and designed to be dog-proof as well), and even comes with an indicator light that shows your dog when you're connecting to the camera's video feed via the app.

The video quality goes all the way up to a very impressive 1080p, there's night vision and two-way audio, and you can even control the camera with Alexa (though that's not much if you're not at home). As you would expect from one of the best pet cameras of 2019, you get motion detection alerts, and you can even play a series of games with your canine companion through the phone app.

Petcube Dog Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Petcube Dog Camera

3. Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera

The best dog camera for high video quality

Reasons to buy
+Push out treats on a schedule+High-quality 1080p video

Whatever you're looking for from the best dog or pet camera, the Petcube Bites is likely to have it. Top-quality 1080p video? Check. Two-way audio? Check. The ability to spit out treats on demand? Also check. If you don't want to have to remember to tap on a button on your phone to dispense treats, then you can set them to be pushed out on a schedule.

With built-in sound and motion alerts, the Petcube Bites offers a 138-degree field of view from its camera, together with night vision so you can keep an eye on your pooch (or any other pet) whatever the time of day (or night). If you want to keep recordings in the cloud, you get four hours of history for free, after which you'll need to stump up a monthly fee. 

Petcube Play Carbon Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Petcube Play Carbon Camera

(Image credit: Petcube)

4. Petcube Play Carbon Camera

The best pet camera for modern looks

Reasons to buy
+1080p video streaming quality+Two-way audio capabilities

The second Petcube choice in our best pet camera 2019 list is the Play Carbon Camera, which looks like a Star Wars prop. Behind the dark but stylish looks is a very capable dog camera that you can tune into at any time – it gives you 1080p video as well as night vision and a decent 138-degree field of vision.

One of the key selling points of the Petcube Play is the integrated laser pointer that means you can keep your pooch entertained from afar. You can either opt to control it manually or have the laser throw some shapes on a schedule automatically so your pet gets some exercise in the day.

Pawbo Dog Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Pawbo Dog Camera

5. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

The best dog camera for playing with your pets

Reasons to buy
+Connect to multiple cameras at once+Variety of games to play

The Pawbo is one of the more high-tech-looking pet cameras we've come across in our search for the best dog camera around, and it's packed with tech on the inside as well – think 720p HD streaming, a 130-degree field of view, two-way audio for chatting with your pets, and a treat dispenser for dishing out treats to particularly good boys (and girls).

Where Pawbo does stand out a little from most of its competitors is in the way you can have multiple users connect to one camera at the same time, and connect to several cameras from one phone. Pawbo makes a range of accessories as well, with the aim of giving you several ways to play and interact with your pooch while you're away from home.

Tooge Dog Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Tooge Dog Camera

6. Tooge Dog Camera

The best dog camera for camera versatility

Reasons to buy
+Rotating camera module+Allows multiple connections

If you want the best pet camera in the business then you want features like motion detection, two-way audio, high-quality video, and night vision, and the Tooge Dog Camera delivers on all those fronts. It can detect motion in front of the camera, it lets several family members connect at once, and it's all yours for a very respectable retail price as well.

Besides that low, low price, we also like the way the Tooge Dog Camera can rotate its view to take in a wide variety of angles – with 350-degree rotation, it can almost survey an entire room in your home. Note that while you can connect to the live feed from anywhere, and get motion alerts, actual recordings are saved to local storage rather than the cloud.

Victure Wireless Indoor Camera best dog camera

Best dog camera: Victure Wireless Indoor Camera

7. Victure Wireless Indoor Camera

The best dog camera for all-round versatility

Reasons to buy
+Tilt and pan function+1080p video quality

This Victure model is marketed as an all-round security camera for the home, but keeping an eye on the dog or any other pet is definitely one of the tasks it can do well. It's another camera with a rotating top, so it can pan and tilt and zoom to take in whatever you need to look at – everything can be controlled and viewed from the screen on your smartphone.

The video feed goes up to a top quality of 1080p so your pet is visible in crystal clear footage, and there's night vision here too, plus two-way audio. Motion detection alerts get pinged to your phone as you would expect, and the Victure Wireless Indoor Camera ends up providing just about everything you could want from one of the best pet cameras.