4 golden rules of travelling with sex toys

Heading on holiday? Avoid embarrassment (or worse) at airport security by heeding these rules

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Summer is here, and foreign travel is back on the cards. Well, provided your chosen airline isn't in total meltdown, but that's a different issue. Judging by the skyrocketing sales of sex toys over the past couple of years, it appears that many of us have used this period of enforced isolation and staycations to embrace a new self-care routine. If you're heading off abroad on holiday, you might be wondering if your new favourite sex toy can come along for the ride. 

Travelling with sex toys is straightforward, provided you follow certain guidelines. Failure to do so can lead to not only a red face, but a brush with the law, if you take the wrong thing to the wrong country, so it's worth taking seriously. We-Vibe – (the brand behind some of today's best sex toys – has put together the following guildelines to help you make sure you get it right. 

“We know how attached people get to their sex toys, so when it comes to heading off on holidays, it can be difficult to think about a week or even a fortnight away from them," says Johanna Rief from We-Vibe. "However, it is important that people are informed before they travel in order to prevent any issues at the point of entry to the destination country. There are a number of different options when thinking about what sex toys are best suited to take with you, but whether you’re flying solo or travelling with a partner, bringing sex toys on your holidays can make a good holiday great!”

Here are the dos and don'ts to follow when it comes to travelling with sex toys…

1. Research your destination country's rules

The UK has a relaxed attitude towards sex toys, but that isn't the case everywhere. In fact, some countries class them as illegal pornographic material, and treat them in a similar way to things like firearms, explosives and weapons. If you're heading somewhere like India, the United Arab Emirates or the Maldives, for example, airport security will not be happy to be faced with the contents of your bedside drawer when you arrive.

"If you want to avoid having your treasured toy confiscated, or at worst, find yourself behind bars, find out where your holiday destination stands when it comes to the import of sex toys," says Johanna. 

2. Fly under the radar

Going for hand luggage only? There are some UK government guidelines as to what's okay to pack, but it doesn't mention sex toys specifically. We'd assume they come under similar rules to 'Electronic devices and electrical items', which means there aren't any size limits to abide by. 

If you're concerned about an unexpected bag check and want to go stealth, there are plenty of sex toys that don't look super obvious and/or won't show up as electrical items, including the bullet options in our best vibrator guide and the stroker options in our best sex toys for men guide. The We-Vibe Tango X, below, is designed to look like a lipstick, for example.

We-Vibe Tango X vibrator in red and blue

We-Vibe Tango X vibrator

(Image credit: We-Vibe)

3. Check your toy has a travel setting 

You might be able to style it out and pretend it's your electric toothbrush, but in an ideal world you want to avoid any incriminating pulsing vibrations from your suitcase. There are a few ways to guard against this. Pricier toys will have travel settings that stop them from going off unexpectedly, or a travel cover. If your toy is battery-powered, you can just take out the batteries before you head to the airport. 

If you're thinking of running down an internal rechargeable battery before you leave, be aware that in the UK at least you might be requested to switch on any electronic device and show that it works in order to be able to take it on the plane. 

4. Downsize your lube bottle

Most sex toys benefit from being paired with some lube. You're probably well-versed in this now, but a reminder that the volume and number of liquids you can take in hand luggage is restricted. Your lube needs to be 100ml or smaller, and it needs to fit into your assigned 20x20cm plastic bag along with all the other liquids for your trip. 

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