Samsung UE40D6530 review

Net connected 3D LED for the smart budget buyer

Image 1 of 6 Samsung UE40D6530 transparent edge
Samsung UE40D6530 transparent edge
Image 2 of 6 Samsung UE40D6530 back panel connections
Samsung UE40D6530 back panel connections
Image 3 of 6 Samsung UE40D6530 remote
Samsung UE40D6530 remote
Image 4 of 6 Samsung UE40D6530 motion plus control
Samsung UE40D6530 motion plus control
Image 5 of 6 Samsung UE40D6530 Smart Hub Portal
Samsung UE40D6530 Smart Hub Portal
Image 6 of 6 Samsung UE40D6530
Samsung UE40D6530


  • Elegant design
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Noise-free hi-def picture


  • 3D double imaging
  • Uneven media streaming
  • No 3D glasses supplied

Samsung’s UE40D6530 LED TV may be positioned beneath the brand’s top of the line Series 7 and 8 models like the Samsung UE55D8000, but it’s an enticing proposition for budget-watchers who want a designer 40in telly with net connected smarts.

Samsung UE40D6530: Build and features

The 40UED6530 is certainly easy on the eye. With its crystal neck pedestal, ultra-slim panel (just 29.9mm deep) and transparent edging, it’s artful without being crass.

Connectivity is generous. The back-panel jack pack offers four HDMI inputs, a PC input, SCART and component (via adaptors) and a digital audio optical output. You also get three USB inputs, Ethernet LAN and a CI (Common Interface). Wi-Fi is integrated – so there’s no need to buy a separate dongle.

Getting this screen online should be your first priority. Samsung’s Smart Hub apps and VOD portal is a must-visit destination. It’s from here you’ll be able to access the BBC iPlayer and YouTube, log into your LoveFilm account or rent movies à la carte from Acetrax. Samsung’s app store is also overflowing with casual games and infotainment. You can log onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts too, but neither has been integrated into the TV environment. Work to do there, we think.

Media playback from USB is solid; all our test files played (AVI, MOV, MKV etc). However, streaming from a NAS across our test network, MKV support went AWOL.

Samsung UE40D6530: 2D picture quality

2D hi-def on this set is a knockout. A key characteristic of the picture is its absolute lack of noise. Images have an almost photographic smoothness. The set’s black level is also good, delivering fabulous dynamics with ample shadow detail. HD footage from Blu-ray looks divine (we tested with Tron: Legacy and Chico & Rita) and the set’s own Freeview HD channels similarly impress.

Motion clarity is terrific. Samsung’s proprietary fast framerate technology, Motion Plus, guarantees 1080 lines of resolution. This is a good news for sports fans. There are several Motion Plus presets provided, but the one you want is Clear – all the others create obvious motion artefacts. Alternatively, select the Custom setting and take Judder reduction down to 0. This ensures you get maximum moving resolution without artefacts.

Samsung UE40D6530: 3D picture quality and audio

While the UE40D6530 wows with 2D, its three dimensional talents are more routine. 3D images suffer from crosstalk double imaging. The screen offers controls to combat this, in the form of 3D Perspective and 3D Optimisation sliders, but neither resolve the problem, they merely shift the ghosting effect to and from the screen plane.

Samsung doesn’t include any 3D spex in the box. A pair of Samsung Active Shutter glasses will cost you an additional £50. Naturally the TV will convert 2D sources to faux 3D, and with certain HD material this can be quite effective. However, the novelty doesn’t last, especially when this set’s 2D image performance is so strong.

Audio performance is fine, given the physical constraints imposed by the super-slim chassis. Samsung quotes a stereo power output of 2x15W (which seems a little optimistic) but SRS TruSurround HD processing is on hand to plump and widen the soundstage.

Overall, we really like the UE40D6530. The quality of its silky, 2D images and the head-turning design are surely reason enough to buy. And while we can take or leave its 3D performance, the brand’s compelling Smart Hub VOD and apps portal is more than enough to seal the deal.

Samsung UE40D6530 launch date: Out now link Samsung
Samsung UE40D6530 price: £850-£1099 online