Samsung UE37D6530 review

3D LED TV with Freeview HD and Smart Hub

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  • Smooth
  • sharp hi-def pictures
  • Enjoy free 3D


  • Media streaming support tetchy
  • No 3D glasses included

The Samsung UE37D6530 TV is easily one of the prettiest flat-screens on the market, but does the Active Shutter 3D tech inside live up to expectations and show that there's more to this TV than just its looks?

Samsung’s Series 7 and 8 TVs may be the precocious supermodels in the brand’s 2011 range, but its Series 6 screens are the high-street stars. Not only is this 37incher quietly gorgeous, courtesy of its transparent bezel and pedestal neck, it also offers Smart Hub net connected goodness and 3D on top of its Freeview HD tuner and media playback talents.

Despite being 3D enabled, unlike with the Samsung 9000 series 3D TV, there are no glasses supplied. If you fancy a joy ride into the third dimension, you’ll need to budget extra for spex. The good news is that Samsung’s cheapest Active Shutter goggles start at (just) £49.95 each.

The 2D HD picture quality is excellent. Images have an invigorating sharpness and the motion picture resolution is pretty pucker, thanks primarily to Samsung’s Motion Plus processing. Combine this with a noise-free black level and dynamic peak whites, and you have a picture that makes even bad daytime TV look good.

You can take the UE37D6530 online through wired or Wi-Fi via optional dongle. It’s well worth the bother of hooking up. The brand’s Smart Hub portal is overflowing with content.

The TV can playback most file types from USB, including MP3, AVI and MKV. However it’s less successful when playing back from NAS devices.

The set’s Full HD 3D performance is big on detail and depth. The TV looks at its best with 3D Blu-ray, but the brand has its own Explore 3D channel featuring IMAX 3D movies and trailers, available exclusively through its Smart Hub portal. The TV will also convert 2D sources into 3D, the results being actually rather convincing.

Samsung UE37D6530 launch date: Out now

Samsung UE37D6530: £999

Link: Samsung