White Google Nexus S spied

Flagship Android phone getting a paintjob

Image 1 of 2 Google Nexus S white
Google Nexus S white
Image 2 of 2 Google Nexus S white
Google Nexus S white

New look version of best-selling blower not yet official.

It isn’t just the iPhone 4 that’s getting a white paint job this week. Not to be outdone by Apple, it seems Google is prepping a white Nexus S, with a new leaked shot showing the Android phone sporting a new look.

However, unlike the white iPhone 4’s completely new look, the white Nexus S has only been given a lick of paint round the back, meaning the front is still black. Not quite as sleek as it could be, but a neat change nonetheless.

German site BestBoyz reckons a launch is imminent on their patch, but there’s no word on when we’ll be seeing this version here in Blighty.

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Via BestBoyz