UK bosses ban Facebook at work

48% of firms ban social networking at work

How connected to Facebook and Twitter are you?

Almost half of UK firms (48%) have banned their employees from accessing social networking sites at their workplaces in the last year, according to research carried out by HCL Technologies and Lewis PR.

63% of participants said that they were strictly advised not to use social media sites at work.

However, 45% of employees felt that their bosses were afraid of negative comments about them and their firms on the websites as opposed to productivity problems.

"It is quite remarkable that in this day and age, many employers are still putting their employees' interests as a low priority by not allowing them to use sites like Facebook," Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies said.

"Facebook is such a popular application that is so widely used for personal and business uses, it makes no business sense to ban it," he added.

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Via: PCAdvisor