Tech Today: Kinect-like iPhone, Facebook music update

Plus: Samsung promises all-day battery life for smartphones, £6.5m Star Trek gadget prize

CES 2012 is almost over, but the gadget news is showing no sign of slowing. In Thursday's late-breaking stories, Apple is looking into Kinect-like gestures for iPhone, while Facebook has launched a 'Listen With' feature

Thousands queue for iPhone 4S launch in China
It's been a long-time coming to fans of Apple gadgetry in China, but the wait is nearly over. The iPhone 4S launches in the People's Republic on Friday at midnight. Reports have shown thousands of eager fans already already lining the streets in close-to-freezing conditions in order to among the first to get their hands-on the device
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Qualcomm offers £6.5m prize for Star Trek gadgets
Chip manufacturer Qualcomm is offering inventors a $10m prize to anyone that can create a Star Trek like medical tricode that can diagnose diseases. The 23rd century device was used in the series by Dr 'Bones' McCoy in the hit TV series and movies. Qualcomm says the device must be capable of measuring "key health metrics and diagnosing a set of 15 diseases" and must weigh less than 5lbs.
Link: BBC

Facebook announces 'Listen with Friends' feature
Facebook has revealed an interesting new feature which allows groups of friends to listen to music at exactly the same time, while using Facebook chat. The 'Listen With' feature asks you to look-out for friends that may be listening to music, as noted in the chat sidebar, and gives you the option to listen along with them. The feature will be rolling out in the next few weeks.
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Apple patents motion sensing tech for iOS
Future iterations of the iPhone and iPad may rely less on the device's touchscreen and more on motion-based gestures in order to navigate around the device. The company has filed for a patent which would make use of the iPhone's camera and proximity sensors in order to allow 3D gestures to be utilised. Kinect for iPhone, anyone?
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Samsung promises phones with all-day battery life
It's the 5 o'clock shadow nobody wants, as your smartphone starts bleeping at you letting you know there's barely enough juice left to see you through the bus ride home. However, Samsung is looking to end the red light blues by releasing new smartphones that can get you through an entire day during 2012.
Link: CNET