Tech Today: iTunes in the Cloud UK delay, but Google Music arrives

Plus: iOS 5 loves Facebook too

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Apple integrates more social networks in iOS 5
The launch of iOS 5 on Monday saw Apple reveal that Twitter will be deeply baked into the operating system, but to a lesser extent so will Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and MySpace. The developer copy of iOS 5 allows users to add respective handles for each of those social networking services to a contact's pages.
Link: AllThingsD

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UK users won't get iTunes in the Cloud until 2012
While this isn't a surprise, it is slightly disappoints. The iTunes portion of iCloud will not arrive in the UK until next year. The reason? Apple is yet to make deals with music publishers on this side of the pond. The Performing Rights society told Apple that talks are still at a very early stage.
Link: Telegraph

Google begins Music Beta UK roll-out
While Apple might struggle to bring its cloud music storage service to the UK any time soon, Google seems to be stepping-up its efforts with reports surfacing that the first UK Android users have downloaded the Music Beta by Google app. Eurodroid says that Google Nexus S phones running Android 2.3.4 are among the first to get the app.
Link: Eurodroid

Investor reaction to Wii U baffles Iwata
The stock price falling to its lowest ebb in five years wasn't exactly what Nintendo had in mind when it announced the Wii U at E3 on Tuesday. The poor reception from investors certainly has Nintendo President Satoru Iwata baffled. He says the reaction on the floor in Los Angeles was a different story and says the stock market hiccup is "very strange."
Link: Reuters

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