Tech Today: Google Music, Android movie rentals official

Catch-up on a massive day of Google news from I/O.

In a special edition of TechToday, we run down a monster evening of Google and Android news from the I/O conference in San Francisco.

Music Beta by Google is finally official
The long-anticipated cloud storage service from Google is now available in the shape of Music Beta by Google. Announced today, the service will allow users to store 20,000 songs free of charge for playback on Android devices over the cloud. Music Beta will initially only be available in the US via invite.
Link: Engadget

Movie rentals are here too
It's not just cloud music storage on the Android agenda, Google today announced an Android Market movie rentals service to rival iTunes. All of the top titles are now live to download on the webstore, with dedicated apps coming for Android phones and tablets. Again, we're sorry to say it's US-only at the moment.
Link: TechRadar

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An unsettling and intriguing adventure title set in America where everything is banned.
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New versions of Android Incoming
Google used its I/O conference to confirm the newest versions of its Android operating systems. Android Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive later this year with a new UI and a renewed effort to unite all Android phones, while Honeycomb's next update will be Android 3.1 and that'll also come to Google TV.
Link: TechCrunch

Android coming to the home
Another whopping announcement from the I/O keynote in San Fran saw Google announce Android @ Home which will allow you to push your music around the house and also control your home environment, with the example being light switches, on your phone or tablet. Are you ready for your Android to take over the house?
Link: Gizmodo

The white Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Sick to the back teeth of hearing about the White iPhone 4? Us too. Well here's another gadget arriving in a whiter shade of pale, the white Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Shown off at I/O, this Honeycomb-running tablet will be limited edition as it carries a version of Honeycomb unburdened by the custom Samsung UI.
Link: Engadget

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