Nintendo Wii U fails to impress investors as stock prices drop

Nintendo Wii U unveiling sparks stock slump

Unveiling of the Nintendo Wii U sees Ninty's stock slump

Nintendo’s Wii U console might have created quite a buzz with the media and gaming fans following its unveiling at E3 earlier this week but the new Ninty console has failed to please investors with the company’s stock continuing to drop.

Slumping to its lowest point since March 2006, prior to the arrival of the original Wii console, Nintendo’s share prices have crashed for a second consecutive day with a 4.5 per cent drop in today’s markets following Wednesday’s 5.7 per cent slide.

The Nintendo Wii U was officially show off during Nintendo’s E3 press conference with the next-generation console that is set to launch during 2012 boasting 1080p Full HD graphics and a controller that features an expansive display.

"It's unclear who Nintendo is targeting with the Wii U and where it wants to go," announced Tokai Tokyo Research Center analyst Yusuke Tsunoda on the upcoming console’s unveiling, an opinion that based on the drop in stock prices is echoed by shareholders.

Will the Nintendo Wii U hit the heights of the original Wii or does its lack of direction mean it will crash and burn? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: WallStreetJournal